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Build Your Subscription Bundle

One simple subscription to cover all your automation programming needs for your entire factory operation

Subscription Bundles

Unlimited Free Trial


  • MachineLogic in MachineBuilder
  • Program and simulate automated equipment from your browser
  • Access to tutorials, user forum and chat support

MachineLogic Basic

$1,200 / year (2 years plan, per machine)

  • MachineLogic on your controller for actuators and I/Os
  • MachineCloud software-assisted deployment
  • Machine status dashboard
  • Enhanced technical support

MachineLogic with Robot

$3,000 / year (2 years plan, per machine)

  • All MachineLogic Basic features
  • Robot path planning module
  • Onboarding training
  • Enhanced technical support

Need on-demand and unlimited assistance?

Remote Support

$3,500 / year (2 years plan, per machine)

Receive high-priority automation and deployment support when and where you need it with Remote Support.
  • Get connected to the Customer Success Team within 10 minutes
  • Receive unlimited quick troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Screen sharing and built-in front and back cameras for instant changes implementation

Frequently asked questions

MachineLogic subscription is set at a fixed price per machine. This makes things simple as the subscription package is bundled with the overall machine hardware cost. It also ensures clients do not face any incremental cost as more users become familiar with MachineLogic.
MachineLogic has always been available for free and it continues to be. Upon creating a new design in MachineBuilder, you can easily create a new MachineLogic code-free sequence as soon as a MachineMotion controller has been added. This ensures you can validate your automated equipment's programming and simulation before committing to any investment. During this time, you can access all of Vention's video tutorials, user forum and get chat support as needed.
Each subscription plan contains a distinct set of features and support levels. Our MachineLogic Basic Plan is best suited for smaller teams, programming actuators, and I/Os that don't need robot programming capabilities. Our MachineLogic Robot Plan is intended for most teams and provides full robot programming capabilities as well as group onboarding training with a Vention integration coach. Both plans include MachineCloud, providing cloud-to-factory deployment capabilities with step-by-step software assistance. MachineCloud also provides machine connectivity for issue detection and enhanced technical support experience.
Vention no longer provides perpetual licenses with the exception of our MachineApps. A subscription for MachineLogic is ideal for our clients, so they can benefit from an ongoing stream of new MachineLogic features and continuous support from our experts.
Yes, your equipment will continue to operate regardless of your subscription status. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will lose the ability to update the MachineLogic program running on your equipment, however, the current version of your program will remain fully operational. Renewing your subscription will ensure you can keep updating programs on your machine and access new features of MachineLogic and MachineCloud.

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