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About Vention

Our mission is simple - make industrial automation easier and more accessible for all manufacturers

Photo of Etienne Lacroix and Max Windisch, co-founders of Vention

From LEGO to automating the world’s largest factories

We grew up surrounded by LEGO. Beyond the bricks were budding engineers dismantling VCRs, building life-size airplanes, and designing suspension bikes from the ground up. We eventually turned our childhood hobbies into lifelong careers and experienced firsthand the first generation of CAD software, from I-DEAS and Mechanical Desktop, to Catia and Pro-Engineer.

Today the process to design, simulate, procure, and commission industrial equipment is complex and slow. It’s targeted towards a small group of experts and it limits widespread adoption.

We envision a world where the process to build industrial equipment is as straightforward, and enjoyable, as building with LEGO. A world where you imagine your machine in the morning and build it in the afternoon. We are pioneering an industry where agility, speed and simplicity meet industrial automation. Our mission is to make machine design accessible to everyone by re-engineering the process of designing, simulating, procuring and commissioning industrial equipment.

This is Vention.

Our Principles

Vention employees and clients

We build long-term relationships

We understand that our client relationships will last beyond the life of their Vention equipment. From working with our clients to design the right-size solution to providing support during commissioning and when the equipment is in operation, we don't manage client relationships by looking at the fine print. Instead, we do what's right even when it's tough on us. You chose to work with us based on trust, and we continuously invest in our relationship to make you proud of that decision.

Vention platform

We thrive on client feedback

As a high-growth start-up seeking to democratize industrial automation, we have thousands of software, hardware, go-to-market channels and user experiences to re-invent. We will not get every product right the first time, so we promote humility as a company value. This makes us good listeners and open to client feedback. No matter the source, every piece of client feedback is shared across our organization and acted on by the right team.

Industry-grade hardware

We make industry-grade products simple

Vention helps some of the largest manufacturers develop and run reliable production systems. This takes industrial-grade hardware that is designed to last. But this should not be done at the expense of a simple and intuitive user experiences. From developing one of the simplest cloud-CAD there is, to creating plug & play industrial automation components, to enabling users to check out with their credit card for next day delivery, we believe consumer-grade simplicity will lead to a truly democratized industry.

Avatar of Etienne Lacroix

Etienne Lacroix

Founder & CEO

Avatar of Max Windisch

Max Windisch

Co-founder & CSO

Avatar of Francois Giguere

Francois Giguere


Avatar of Rob Lorbetskie

Rob Lorbetskie


Avatar of Patrick Halde

Patrick Halde


Avatar of Joe Wykes

Joe Wykes


Avatar of Annie Noel

Annie Noel


Avatar of Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh

VP of Sales

Avatar of Mathieu Desmarais

Mathieu Desmarais

VP of Application Engineering

Avatar of Melina Lefebvre

Melina Lefebvre

VP of Operations

Avatar of Brent Wells

Brent Wells

VP of High Velocity Sales

Avatar of Jean Francois

Jean-Francois Dionne

VP of Hardware Engineering

Avatar of Christian Poupart

Christian Poupart

VP of Legal Affairs and Government Relations

Avatar of Jeff Timanus

Jeff Timanus

VP of Software Engineering - Engineering Platform

Avatar of Peter Martinez

Peter Martinez

VP of Channel Development

Avatar of Sam El-Outa

Sam El-Outa

VP of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Avatar of Julie Lepage

Julie Lepage

VP of Product

Avatar of Christine Boivin

Christine Boivin

VP of Brand and Product Marketing

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Vention by the numbers

2016 Vention founded

3000+ clients on 5 Continents

100,000 Platform users

Our Offices

Each one of our offices is designed to inspire innovation, big ideas, and community.

Montreal Graphic Art


4767 Dagenais Street,
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4C 1L8
Berlin Graphic Art


Vention GmbH
Invalidenstraße 65
10557, Berlin, Germany
Boston Graphic Art


200 Portland Street,
Boston, MA, United States

Experience the future of machine design, today.

Design what you need now, and get all the parts tomorrow. Simplicity so good because it's actually true.

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