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Streamlined programming for a plug & play experience.


From palletizing to path following, deploy purpose-built, code-free applications to operate your machine. Save weeks of manual programming time with field-proven MachineApps that can be learned, configured, and operated in minutes.


Where are you in the MAP process?

Deploy purpose-built applications that cater to various industrial needs, including palletizing, path following, box erecting, and more.

With MachineApps, receive step-by-step instructions to successfully configure and operate your machine in minutes, saving you time and costs. The operators can be trained quickly with MachineApps intuitive user interfaces.

Design manufacturing equipment in minutes with the only CAD software built for the factory floor.
The most intuitive way to program and simulate industrial automation sequences directly from your browser.
Deploy your machine from the digital twin in the cloud to the physical equipment in the factory.
Maximize uptime and optimize performance with real-time data and on-demand support.

Tailored applications built for various industrial needs

Faster deployment. Enhanced technical support

Tailored applications built for various industrial needs

  • Purpose-built applications for palletizing, path following, box erecting, and more.
  • Easily configure your machine with step-by-step instructions.
  • Train machine operators quickly with an intuitive user interface.
  • Simple SKU changeovers and adaptations for evolving productions.

Faster deployment. Enhanced technical support

  • Receive enhanced service from setup to operation.
  • Operate with confidence knowing your machine was configured correctly.
  • Identify and diagnose issues faster with remote access to machine log files.
  • Utilize the intuitive, operator-friendly interface, no external expertise is required.


Out-of-the-box software

Configure an application with step-by-step instructions on a simple user interface.

Cobot Palletizer
MachineApp Cobot Palletizer

An easy-to-use and intuitive software to configure, program, and operate your palletizer. Create new recipes within four simple steps and in less than 5 minutes.

Industrial Robot Palletizer
MachineApp Industrial Robot Palletizer

A user-friendly software to configure, program, and operate your industrial palletizer as well as create new recipes as your production evolves.

Box Erector
MachineApp Box Erector

Create new SKUs and simply adapt to product change in minutes without writing a single line of code.

Path Following
MachineApp Path Following

Easily configure your application with step-by-step instructions to create and simulate new patterns in minutes code-free.

Sanding & Surface Finishing
MachineApp Sanding & Surface Finishing

An intuitive, user-friendly software to configure your application step by step and set the required parameters for your process code-free.

Cartesian Palletizer
MachineApp Cartesian Palletizer

Adjust machine and pallet configuration setups and layer patterns with intuitive software that simplifies your operations.