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Vention Automation Partners is a network of automation companies dedicated to providing highly differentiated technical solutions.

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Vention Automation Partners are deeply technical automation companies dedicated to providing their clients with complete automation solutions. With a global presence and experience across all manufacturing sectors, find the right Vention Automation Partner for you.

Denali Advanced Integrations
Elite Partner
Robotics, Warehousing
Washington, United States
We specialize in taking best-of-breed technologies and developing end-to-end solutions that are ready for your business to implement now. Our industry leading services and solutions provide the ultimate in price to performance from design, to integration, to post-sale support.
Mid Atlantic Machinery
Elite Partner
Aerospace, Automotive, Robotics, Manufacturing, Fabricated Metals
United States
Mid Atlantic Machinery is a leading machine tool and fabrication equipment distributor that helps fabricators compete in a global marketplace. Thanks to decades of experience and deep, long-lasting relationships, we help businesses of all sizes implement tools and technology that increase efficiency and lower costs.
Gasbarre Products, Inc.
Strategic Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Automotive
United States
Gasbarre is a full-service OEM offering powder compaction, thermal processing, and design and manufacturing technology solutions.
Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls Inc
Strategic Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Fabricated Metals
Access 20 years experience in electrical, mechanical and software expertise for your automation and robotics needs plus 3D printing for fast parts development.
JMC Motion LLC
Strategic Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Die Cast, Foundry & Mold, Electronics
Georgia, United States
JMC Motion provides services ranging from full turn-key automation systems and lines, all the way to lean process improvement equipment and collaborative robot integration.
Strategic Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Electronics, Plastics
California, United States
Kanavu Automation, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a leading industrial robotics system integrator and custom machine builder. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating a better future through automation. Our company name 'Kanavu' means dream in Tamil, and we work tirelessly to turn your industrial automation dreams into reality. We are committed to enhancing your product quality, time to market, and resilience to labor shortages. Contact us today to see how we can revolutionize your production processes.
TMD Automation
Strategic Partner
Aerospace, Automotive, Robotics, Manufacturing, Job Shops, Plastics, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Electronics
New York, United States
Turner Machine Development has over 10+ years of Electrical Control Panel Building experience in many industries across the United States. Anything from Food & Beverage, Product Packaging, Chemical Processing and Pharmaceuticals.
Bright IA
Preferred Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Electronics, Plastics, Food & Beverage, Aerospace, Electric Vehicles
Texas, United States
We're On A Mission To Make Industrial Automation Simple, Efficient And Reliable. At Bright Intelligent Automation, we understand how overwhelming the prospect of automation can be. AI, digital transformation, and the world of Industry 4.0 can be complex without the proper guidance. With innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs, we make system integration understandable and user-friendly.
Origine Innovation
Preferred Partner
Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, Robotics
Quebec, Canada
Although we specialize in engineering, the human element remains at the heart of our mission. Our desire to create is based on the knowledge of our team and on a network of partners with complementary fields of expertise. At Origine Innovation, we surround ourselves with the right people. We offer technical assistance in analysis, design and integration of solutions. We also assist our clients in the manufacturing, procurement, installation and commissioning of equipment. We help the development of the province’s manufacturing and technical industry. We can even assist you in the financing of your innovative efforts.
VC Automation
Preferred Partner
Robotics, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Die Cast, Foundry & Mold, Electronics
California, United States
We founded VC Automation after working multiple years in electric vehicle and alternative energy manufacturing. We found that automation expertise and education was insufficient even in the most established businesses. We set out to be a resource that can help fill these gaps.