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Alleviating manual tasks through robotic sanding

Classic Woodwork introduced a sanding robot to repurpose employees to more high-value tasks at this woodwork shop

10-week lead time
2-year payback
Increased time spent on high-value tasks
Alleviating manual tasks through robotic sanding

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Story Highlights

Project highlights

The robotic sanding cell was fully operational within a span of 10 weeks, starting from our initial contact until its complete deployment.

Automating sanding has alleviated manual, monotonous labor demands on employees, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

Vention’s robust hardware allows for the sanding robot to be used within very dusty environments with little maintenance required.

Return on investment achieved in less than two years by adding a virtual employee to the factory floor.

The Problem

Overcoming labor market shortages in a tailor-made industry

Classic Woodwork was looking to improve efficiency but struggled to attract additional talent during the labor shortage. They also had the belief you could not automate the production of tailor-made items. As a result, Classic Woodwork sought a solution that could be easily managed in-house while allowing enough flexibility to fulfill tasks on workpieces of various sizes.

Aboudi Greige, Assistant Director of Operations

"In the woodwork industry, automating processes is hard. It’s all tailor-made. We often think it’s only meant for high-volume productions, but following discussions with Vention, we realized it was accessible for us too."

—Aboudi Greige, Assistant Director of Operations

The Project

A robotic sanding machine, with a Universal Robots UR10e on a Vention timing belt 7th axis

Classic Woodwork wanted to introduce automation in their shop to alleviate manual, monotonous tasks for their existing talent. The robust hardware provided by Vention enabled them to use such a robotic cell in a very dusty environment with little maintenance required.

The Results

New virtual employee installed and deployed in less than ten weeks

From first contact to full deployment, Classic Woodwork’s robotic sanding cell was fully operational within 10 weeks.

The machine’s deployment and training period lasted less than one week thanks to deployment support from Vention and the user-friendly interface. With this manual, monotonous task now automated, existing staff were instantly reassigned to more high-value tasks, increasing Classic Woodwork’s productivity without the need for additional headcount.

Project Specs

Robot arm
Universal Robots UR10e
Enclosed timing belt
Sanding & surface finishing
End-of-arm tool
OnRobot Sander

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