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Embracing DIY automation to self-program a gantry robot for apparel picking optimization

Safari Sun implemented a custom, self-programmed 3-axis gantry system to pick apparel, resulting in increased efficiencies and process optimization.

8 weeks from idea to fully deployed machine
10-minute training for picking 300+ SKUs
4 FTEs reallocated
Self-programmed in Python with MachineLogic
Embracing DIY automation to self-program a gantry robot for apparel picking optimization

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Story Highlights

Story highlights

Automating the picking process for a high-mix, low-volume creative apparel manufacturer.

Fully self-programmed using Python in MachineLogic for the first time.

Minimizing picking errors for more than 300 SKUs.

New employee training takes less than 10 minutes with the simple operating interface.

The Problem

Minimize footprint, reduce picking errors, and upskill employees to more fulfilling tasks

Safari Sun, a family-owned and operated apparel manufacturer, sought to automate its manual hat picking process due to limited floor space and picking errors. The team aimed to automate this process to enhance efficiency and ensure consistency.

Previously, Safari Sun had undertaken automation projects without a dedicated partner, leading to uncertainties in the outcome. Upon discovering Vention, Safari Sun gained confidence in the company’s durable hardware, intuitive software, and expert-backed team. With Vention’s user-friendly technology, Safari Sun embraced a “do-it-yourself” (DIY) approach to automation, enabling them to design, automate, and deploy a fully automated system independently.

What began as a simple napkin sketch evolved into a fully custom, self-programmed solution in just eight weeks, thanks to the confidence Safari Sun gained by partnering with Vention.

Christopher Dvornick, Director of Operations

"I wanted to take on the programming [phase of the project] on my own. I decided to go with MachineLogic and Python. Even though it was my first Python project, it turned out to be a success."

—Christopher Dvornick, Director of Operations

The Project

A custom, self-programmed machine to improve day-to-day efficiencies

Beginning with a simple sketch, Safari Sun and Vention crafted a fully automated system on MachineBuilder to replace the manual pick and pack processes.

The end solution features a 3-axis gantry robot with a custom gripper. The gripper picks one hat at a time and places it on the belt conveyor for the operator to package. Orders are picked as needed and communicated back to their database in real time. The machine runs on two MachineMotions and was fully self-programmed using Python in MachineLogic.

The Results

Minimizing picking errors for 300+ SKUs and creating greater employee fulfillment

The custom solution uses the facility’s high ceiling to its advantage, consolidating 300+ SKUs into a small footprint. Now, employees are centralized in one area and do not exert energy and time moving around the warehouse to find merchandise.

With its simple operating interface that takes just 10 minutes to learn, the machine is able to run with only one operator per shift, reallocating two operators to higher-value, less repetitive tasks.

In addition, errors in picking the wrong product or color have essentially been eliminated, leading to increases in packaging consistency and accuracy.

As Safari Sun continues to find automation opportunities, it has found a long-term partner in Vention. This collaboration enables Safari Sun to adopt a DIY approach to automation, empowering it to take full ownership of the design, automation, deployment, and operation of automated equipment.

Project Specs

Linear Actuators
Timing Belts and Rack & Pinion
Custom Panels

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