Rapid Series Cobot Palletizer

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Starting at $97,500 USD

Deployment and support included.

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What does cobot palletizing solve?

Eliminate errors & risks associated with manual palletizing

5 day lead time

Ships within 5 days of ordering, the fastest lead time in the industry.

2-3 day installation

Benefit from on-site assistance for fast installation and deployment.

10 minutes to configure

Configure with MachineApps, the easiest and most intuitive palletizing software.

2+ headcount saved

Reallocate employees from repetitive stacking to more value-add tasks.

2x smaller footprint

Save space with our compact palletizer, designed to fit on a standard pallet.

Infinite recipes and patterns

Create as many pallet recipes and patterns as your needs require.

Cobot Palletizer Configurations

Configure your palletizer machine

Standard Reach

Cobot Palletizer

Starting at $97,500 USD

Turnkey palletizer robot
2-Day on-site deployment
2 SKUs programmed by Vention
One-hour training session
Remote support 1-Year subscription

Extended Reach

Cobot Palletizer

Starting at $105,000 USD

Turnkey palletizer robot
3-Day on-site deployment
2 SKUs programmed by Vention
One-hour training session
Remote Support 1-Year subscription


Popular cobot palletizer configurations

Select the palletizer configuration that fits your exact needs.

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Earn strong ROI with a Vention Palletizer

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Program your palletizer

Learn the power of MachineApps

Pallet Configurator


Configure, program, and operate your palletizer to exact specifications using our intuitive and easy-to-use pallet configurator.

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Increasing productivity by introducing automation

customer story


Sager Foods were looking to improve productivity but struggled to attract additional labor in the current market. They sought a solution that met both the business objectives and one that could be managed entirely in-house.


Following a 2-day commissioning and training period, the cobot palletizers were fully operational on the production line. Existing staff were reassigned to higher value tasks, increasing Sager’s productivity but without the need for additional headcount.

Vention Products

8-week lead time
2-day deployment
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Educational Resources

Cobot palletizer resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

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