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A complete list of our Q2 2021 product updates

July 06, 2021 | Elizabeth Moreau

A complete list of our Q2 product updates

We’re always working to make Vention better and easier to use. Here’s a quick look at this quarter’s new partnerships, software changes, and hardware releases!

End-to-end cobot solutions now available on Vention

Cobots now available on Vention

You can now bring production-ready cobot solutions to your factory with Vention. This quarter, we announced two new companies in the robot category: FANUC and OnRobot.

Equipped with a library of 1,000+ modular components and loaded with smart design capabilities, Vention’s manufacturing automation platform (MAP) empowers users to design, automate and order complete robot cells in a fraction of the time generally required with traditional solutions.

Finally, a one-stop shop to design and order complete robot cells online!

Want to know more? Check out the four considerations for purchasing your end-to-end cobot application online and start your design now.


Vention entered into a partnership with FANUC for the direct sale of FANUC CRX collaborative robot cells online. Centered around the FANUC CRX cobot, this collaboration lets prospective end-users, system integrators, and training centers design and order complete, end-to-end robot cells directly from the Vention cloud platform.

Want to learn more? Check out the press release.

Machine tending with Vention and FANUC

The Vention x FANUC machine-tending system is equipped with the CRX’s intuitive operator interface and is compatible with several CNC brands.

It’s also collaborative and easy to install, program and operate. Designed for speed with flip-under robot motion, spend less time commissioning and more time automating. Vention’s integration guide provides step-by-step instructions to integrate and set up your machine-tending robot cell.
FANUC Machine tending with Vention
Get started with one of our official designs today.


Vention also announced its partnership with OnRobot, which will bring a one-stop shop for cobot applications to manufacturers globally.

OnRobot’s suite of grippers and end-of-arm tools covers almost every application in the cobot market, and their straightforward interface—combined with Vention’s platform—makes them incredibly easy to deploy.

By adding OnRobot’s plug-and-play tools for collaborative and light industrial robotics, manufacturing professionals can focus on scaling production with greater flexibility and efficiency.

Discover more. Read our press release.

Digital Engineering


Your engineering toolbox just got smarter! We updated MachineBuilder for better navigation from design to deployment.

The revamped self-serve interface has all the tools you need to design complex manufacturing equipment quickly, and it’s intuitive enough for first-time designers. Enjoy improved navigation, smarter design features, and dedicated collaboration tools.

Looking for a quick and easy-to-use tool for machine design? Vention MachineBuilder’s has you covered. Create automated equipment, robot cells, and tooling in minutes with the only CAD software built exclusively for the factory floor.

Want to get started? Discover the cloud CAD platform.

MachineLogic V3

Less code, more automation. The latest version of the code-free programming environment, MachineLogic V3, is packed with features that make it even easier to program, simulate, and deploy industrial automation sequences directly from your browser.

Now you can drag and drop commands and even sequences, making it easy to structure and edit your program. Plus, retrieve actuator positions and distances directly from your design—no need to manually input them.

It’s easier than ever to program your machine without writing a single line of code.

MachineLogic V3 also has more environmental simulation capabilities.

Configure and interact with your sensors in a near-real environment: watch your actuators come to life, see your different sensors in action, and monitor how they change state as an object passes within their sensing range.

Create and publish an intuitive operator interface in minutes with the CAD’s built-in UI builder.

Select, drag-and-drop components, and watch your HMI come to life in front of your eyes with live preview. Move from cloud to shop floor with an interface designed from the program you’ve built. No code required.

Want to learn more? Check out the product page.


MachineMotion V2

Discover MachineMotion V2. With plug-and-play actuators and code-free programming, automating your factory floor has never been easier.

Program and simulate online in a few clicks, wire your equipment in minutes, and start production the same day. Say goodbye to projects with automation cabinets and custom programming. Lower project costs and shorter timelines are now available to all manufacturers.

This is automation simplified.

Want to know more? Check out the product page and our “Say goodbye to the automation cabinet” blog post.

Safety Module V2

Safety module V2 is now available on Vention!

Built to interface safety devices with Vention’s MachineMotion V2, this discrete and unobstructive module ships with all the cabling you needis shipped with the cabling needed to quickly connect to Datalogic safety systems.
Safety Module V2
Want to know more? Check out the product details and the datasheet.


Shelves and racks

Modularity is critical for today’s changing manufacturing environment. Vention’s configurable shelves and racks are the ideal solution for your specific production needs.

Take your manufacturing floor to the next level today with modular shelves and racks!
Shelves and racks
Want to get started? Check out Vention’s public designs.

Workstations: Tabletop extrusions

Working with limited space on your shop floor, or looking for a custom solution? Customize one of our workstations, now available with tabletop extrusions. With nine t-slots, tabletop extrusions have ample provisions for mounting clamps, robot bases, and fixtures.

Equip them with height-adjustable legs, drawers, power bars, work lights, display mounts, and more; the modular structure gives you full control over size and configuration.
Tabletop extrusions
Want to get started? Learn more about workstations.



Vention is thrilled to be named among this year’s Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award Honorees!

We’re proud to be featured among international leaders and partners in the robotics space, including our partners at Universal Robots, SCHUNK-Intec, SICK Sensor Intelligence, and Photoneo.

2021 RBR50

Want to know more? Check out the 2021 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award Honorees list.

Joulin webinar

Want to add automation to your palletizing operations, but unsure where to start? Wondering which end-of-arm tool is best suited for your application?
Watch the webinar hosted “Design, automate, and deploy a Cartesian palletizer,” hosted by Vention and JOULIN, in which Patrick Tawagi and Philip Hart discuss the fundamentals of cartesian palletizers.

Key topics include evaluating the economics and business feasibility of a Cartesian palletizer, designing and simulating your palletizing cell, configuring a custom end-of-arm tool, and deploying your Cartesian palletizer, along with case studies from the shop floor.

Want to know more? Check out our Cartesian Palletizer systems.

GENIK case study

Genik, a Vention-certified system integrator, specializes in the design and deployment of custom automation and robotic solutions. Discover how Genik used Vention to develop a local solution to fulfil a large order of surgical masks.

Adding enclosures to robotic cells provided a level of safety for machine operators that met North American and International standards and allowed 180 masks to be produced per minute.

Vention’s custom-built safety enclosure separates operators from the high-speed robot cells, which can be run and maintained by a single operator. Safety interlock switches make it easy to access the equipment whenever human intervention is needed.

Want to know more? Check out our Case study.

Vention Community Updates

InVention Community

Accelerate your next project or tap into a network of experts with InVention, Vention’s community of automation enthusiasts. Access community-led public designs (with +1000 user-generated designs and +200 official Vention designs), connect with like-minded peers in the user forum, and rank and receive badges in the community leaderboard.

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