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Say Goodbye to the Automation Cabinet

April 21, 2021 | Etienne Lacroix

Discover MachineMotion V2

Yesterday, we launched the official, at-scale production of MachineMotion V2, a long-awaited second generation of our control system. MachineMotion was first introduced in 2017 and is at the core of Vention’s mission. This second version further supports our mission of bringing automated equipment to all manufacturers because it removes the need to create a custom control cabinet.

Control cabinets generally take weeks to design and assemble. They require the expertise of electricians, electrical engineers, and control experts. They involve 2D wiring drawings, custom user manuals, and proprietary PLC software. In short, every control cabinet is a project of its own.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We always envisioned a world where bringing motion control to industrial equipment was as simple as turning on a desktop PC. One where connecting robot arms and pneumatic, conveyor, or linear actuators was as easy as connecting a mouse and keyboard. No pig-tail wires, no terminal blocks, no drivers to configure… This was the intention behind the first version of MachineMotion.

The table below shows how far we’ve come from our first iteration with multiple improvements and new functionalities:

MachineMotion V1

MachineMotion V1
MachineMotion V2

MachineMotion V2
Status light for quick diagnostics x x
Plug-and-play with all Vention actuators x x
Loaded with code-free software x x
Open-source with powerful development tools x x
Native support for Universal Robots with URCaps x x
Plug-and-play safety system with physical and software reset x x
Local and remote programming options x x
Digital I/O with expansion modules x x
Analog I/O with expansion modules x
Four 250-W high-performance step-servo drives x
Single continuous flex cable to power x
Status light on all motors for quick diagnostics x
Rugged IP30 enclosure x
Expanded certification from CSA for UL61800-5 x

Today, with the launch of MachineMotion V2, we have never been so close to achieving this vision. As an off-the-shelf, plug-and-play motion controller, MachineMotion V2 replaces the traditional custom automation cabinet. Supporting up to four actuators (timing belt, ball-screw, rack and pinion, belt conveyor, and/or roller conveyor), and a safety system, MachineMotion can be programmed in various ways, from Python language with MachineApp templates, to code-free MachineLogic, and even off-the-shelf MachineApps. Like most Vention products, MachineMotion ships in just a few days, ready to power-on as soon as you open the box.

To learn how MachineMotion V2 can simplify your next industrial automation project, consult the product specifications or get in touch with an automation expert.

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