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A complete list of our Q2 2022 product updates

July 05, 2022 | Rowan Trouncer

We’re always working to make Vention the most comprehensive software and hardware platform for industrial automation. Here’s a quick look at all of the product and resource launches from Q2 2022.

Manufacturing Automation Platform

The Next Evolution of MachineLogic

Press Release ML - NEWSLETTER.png

MachineLogic helped democratize industrial automation through its intuitive, code-free interface. Now, Vention is taking it one step further.

The next evolution of MachineLogic launches on July 25, 2022, and makes it more powerful than ever, raising the ceiling of code-free programming for industrial automation.

Read more here.

Lambda Functions

Lambda Still.jpg

Looking to combine the simplicity of code-free programming with the power of complex functions?

Discover MachineLogic’s new lambda functionality. Leverage advanced Javascript functions to program complex machines in the cloud from a single interface.

Multi-controller Support

Program complex applications with multiple controllers all from a single interface.

Vention’s MachineLogic now supports multi-controller programming. Configure entire production lines with independent MachineMotion controllers from the same interface before simulating it in the cloud.

Step Editor

Vention’s new Assembly Step Editor enables you to take control of your assembly process.

Reorder assembly steps or create separate sub-assembly instructions for your design all within MachineBuilder. Editing the instructions enables you to customize the process to match your deployment environment and team.


Bag Gripper

Introducing Vention’s new modular bag gripper for cartesian palletizers.

Customize the dimension, number, and spacing of the gripper fingers to accommodate bags of all shapes and sizes. Get started quickly with plug-and-play functionality right out of the box.

Read more about the gripper specifications here.

Cobot Pedestal

Vention’s new cobot pedestals remove the complexity of robot deployments.

A simple, sleek design that is anchored using a 318mm base for 3x rigidity over other aluminum extrusion profile designs. Vention’s Cobot Pedestal also offers unrivaled versatility by supporting 35+ cobot models, 4 full-length, T-slot faces, and 1000+ accessories

See the details of the new parts here.

AC Motors for Conveying

AC Motors - NEWS.jpg

Simplicity meets durability - Vention’s new AC motors are designed to last.

With the addition of the AC motor to our modular ecosystem, Vention now has the perfect solution for all of your conveying operations; from simple to complex designs. Plug and play right out of the box before programming the entire system code-free in the cloud.

See the full product details here.

Community & Education

MachineBuilder Webinars

Vention Webinar - MB 1 - Socials - For LinkedIn Event.jpg

Vention’s Jeremy Andrews hosted a series of MachineBuilder webinars of increasing difficulty.

See here for step-by-step guides on:

  1. Getting started
  2. Leveraging the built-in smart design tools
  3. Designing a gantry robot

MachineLogic Webinars

Vention Webinar - ML 3 - Socials - For LinkedIn Event.jpg

Concurrently, Jeremy also hosted a series of MachineLogic webinars of increasing difficulty.

See here for step-by-step guides on:

  1. Getting started
  2. Programming a 6-axis robot
  3. Programming custom linear paths and user interfaces


Series C Funding

Vention closes its $95 million Series C funding! This round of funding will help us grow our go-to-market, expand our global distribution footprint, and accelerate the development of our hardware and software platform.

Read more here.

Opening of Vention’s Boston offices


Vention continues to grow! We are proud to announce the opening of our second North American office location in Boston, Massachusetts., enabling us to provide superior support to our US-based customers.

With a long history of producing talented 3D designers and robotic engineers, Boston was an easy choice for the location of Vention’s newest North American office.

Read more here.

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That’s a wrap for Q2! For content that dives more deeply into our biggest launches, make sure to stay up to date with our blog or LinkedIn.

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