Cobot Pedestal, 585 mm
Cobot Pedestal, 585 mm
supplied by Vention
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Vention cobot pedestal is a go to option for static mounting of any of the 35+ Vention supported cobots. The Doosan H series, Fanuc CRX, and UR 10 & 16 can all be bolted directly to the top plate of the pedestal. All other robots can be installed by using one of Vention's standard Robot Plates. The pedestal must be attached to a sturdy extrusion frame or anchored directly to the floor using 1/2 in. or similar sized concrete anchors. At least 8x fasteners cabable of withstanding 14kN of tensile force should be used (Vention M8 fasteners can withstand 16.7 kN in tension). The pedestal is available in heights of 585mm, 945mm, and 1215mm. It includes T-slot faces for accessories mounting and a mobile base can be added for applications where maximum agility is needed.
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Length: x 315 mm x 585 mm
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