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A complete list of our Q1 2021 product updates

March 30, 2021 | Elizabeth Moreau

A complete list of our Q1 product updates

We’ve got big updates for your big projects! We’ve been working hard to bring you more applications, software updates, and new hardware! Take advantage of intelligence-backed design tools, more e-commerce functionalities, and modular hardware designed to help you automate your factory floor.


Path Following

Follow 2D or 3D contours for applications like routing, glue deposition, and pattern drilling with Vention’s path following application. Available on the MachineMotion controller, the path following MachineApp includes features such as machine and path following configuration setups, error and notification management, customizable commands, real-time process performance, and a visual display of the path following operations.

The path following application can be assembled in approximately 24 hrs and programmed in 20 minutes or less using a code-free interface.

Learn more about path following or start your design.

Jig & Fixture

Properly locate and secure your workpiece with Vention’s Jigs & Fixtures. Entirely modular and easily fitted, Vention’s Jigs & Fixtures cover a range of applications from assembly to inspection and tooling and can be assembled in 2 to 8 hours, depending on overall complexity.

Jig & Fixture

Want to know more? Check out our Jig & Fixture design guide or start your design now.

Top Modules for Automated Guided Vehicles

Design and customize your AGV with Vention’s top modules for autonomous mobile robots. Build on top of a basic interfacing kit, leveraging modular components available in the Vention parts library, and customize your top module for any AGV use case. Modular hardware can be used to create custom solutions that save on cost and cut down lead times.

Want to know more? Check out our AGV top module configuration options or start your design now.

Roller Conveyors

Fully design your conveyor configuration with Vention. Whether you are looking to build an assembly line or to add in-feed / out-feed conveyors to a machine, Vention’s roller or belt conveyors are modular and can be further customized to suit your specific application. Use Vention’s MachineMotion controller and motors, and MachineLogic programming environment to deploy in minutes.

Want to know more? Check out our conveyor systems here or start your design now.

Digital Engineering

MachineApp Template

Simplify the programming and deployment of complex applications with Vention’s MachineApp Template. Equipped with the most popular features, this ready-to-use template lets you quickly create complex applications using the MachineMotion controller.

Want to get started? Discover MachineApps.

Application Templates in MachineBuilder

Jumpstart your next design with one of Vention’s MachineBuilder templates, a library of application-based templates directly accessible at the creation of your next Vention design. Draw inspiration from a variety of Vention supported applications and tailor it to your needs, no need to start from scratch!

Want to get started? Customize your application.

Robot Reach Study

Validate the dimensions and position of your robot design with Vention’s updated robot reach study. This update allows you to add 3D models of partner robots and conduct manual simulations of robot reach studies with six degrees of freedom.

Want to get started? Start your robot reach study now.

Smart Dimensioning

Easily customize your designs with MachineBuilder’s smart dimensioning tool. Place your sub-assemblies exactly where you need with the face-to-face measurement tool, and quickly modify the measurements of your design with integrated equations.

Ready to get started? Start your first design today.


Expanded Pneumatics Library

Add motion to your design with Vention’s expanded ecosystem of pneumatics. Supporting clamping and guidance systems applications, this growing ecosystem now includes guided and pivoting cylinders as well as on/off valves.

Ready to start? Check out our pneumatic designs here.

Rounded Extrusions

Start designing with rounded extrusions, a new line of Vention extrusions! These new 20mm diameter extrusions come supported by an entire ecosystem of related products from custom end-of-arm tooling and rotary systems to ergonomic handles and mounting arms.

Rounded extrusions

Want to know more? Take a look at our rounded extrusions or start designing now.


ROI Models: Machine Tending and Palletizing

Assess your next cobot application with Vention’s ROI models for machine tending and cobot palletizing. With easy-to-customize parameters, Vention’s ROI models help you measure the value of adding automation to your factory floor.


Vention Community Updates

InVention Community

Accelerate your next project or tap into a network of experts with InVention, Vention’s community of automation enthusiasts. Access community-led public designs (with +1000 user-generated designs and +200 official Vention designs), connect with like-minded peers in the user forum, and rank and receive badges in the community leaderboard.

UR Cobot Expo Palletizer

Vention was thrilled to exhibit its cobot palletizing and machine tending applications at the UR virtual cobot expo, a series of application-specific events led by the industry’s leading solution providers.

Automate Forward

Vention was pleased to exhibit at Automate Forward alongside 200+ companies offering robotics, machine vision, motion control, artificial intelligence, and smart automation technologies.

Stay up to date

That’s a wrap for Q1! For content that dives more deeply into our biggest launches, make sure to stay up to date with our Vention blog. You can also keep up to date with our new products and features by visiting the Vention community forum.

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