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Expanding the Vention's Parts Library

October 27, 2020 | Louis Malo

Fall Hardware Release

Fueled by user requests and feedback, in the last couple of months, we’ve expanded our modular hardware library. In line with our principle of simplicity, all parts are fully compatible with existing Vention parts and use our standard M8 fasteners and t-nuts. The latest release focuses on pneumatics, wear strips, and robot accessories. The latest roundup focuses on linear motion, pneumatics, and robot accessories.

Profile slider

Aluminum profile sliders are the best option for building simple, maintenance-free sliding mechanisms such as sliding doors, jig positioners and tool hangers. Equipped with replaceable sliders, profile slides are available for 45x45mm and 45x90mm profiles. Profile sliders can be paired with a spider knob to create locking mechanisms.

Try the profile slider in MachineBuilder.

Profile sliders

Precision telescopic slide

Ideal for robotic machine tending applications and other precision telescopic applications, Vention’s telescopic slides have a high load capacity of 23kg when fully extended and come equipped with a V-shaped groove for stiffness and accuracy.

Try telescopic rails in MachineBuilder.

Telescopic rails

Flow rail

Flow rails, suitable for material handling applications, can be installed side by side to create a flow rack and/or mounted to work surfaces and walls for manual conveying applications. Vention’s flow rails are constructed of aluminum and have plastic wheels with a flange for guiding products. Flow rails are intended to be used with various mounting brackets, interfacing with the rest of Vention parts.

Try flow rails in MachineBuilder.

Flow rails

Expanded pneumatic ecosystem

Based on user feedback and client requests, we’ve significantly expanded our pneumatics ecosystem to include guided pneumatic cylinders, pivoting pneumatic cylinders, and a manual on/off valve. The expanded portfolio of pneumatic components is entirely compatible with MachineMotion and MachineLogic and will be handy when creating material transfer, clamping and manufacturing applications.

Try pneumatics in MachineBuilder.

Pneumatic ecosystem

Push/pull toggle clamps

This expanded set of toggle clamps will help you secure a workpiece in fixturing applications. Also compatible with all of Vention’s gantry plates, these clamps can be used as a brake to lock in position sliding mechanisms. Equipped with adjustable rubber bumpers, they prevent scratches when clamping parts or locking linear guided gantries in place.

Learn about gantry clamps.

Light duty door hinge

Cobot cable management

Increase your cobot efficiency and reduce potential downtime with effective cable management for your robot arm. With cable carriers, mounting brackets, hook and loop straps, and a strain relief bracket, Vention’s kit has all the necessary parts for your cobot’s cable management system.

Learn more about cobot cable management.

cobot cable management

Workstation light

Create well-lit environments by adding Vention modular light bars to your workstation, bin-picking robot cell, and other light-sensitive applications. Light bars can be connected to one another, up to the desired length. Each bar can be turned to high, low, or off independent of the other lights, enabling you to control the intensity of your lighting application.

Find out more.

workstation light

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