Palletizer MachineApp

Pallet Configuration

Vention’s robot-agnostic pallet configurator allows you to configure, program, and operate your palletizer quickly and easily. Create pallet configurations by defining box and slip sheet sizes to optimize pallet patterns in four simple steps.

Pallet configurator in use

All-in-one pallet builder solution

Configure, program, and operate your palletizer to exact specifications using our intuitive pallet configuration software.

User-Friendly App

The top choice for frontline operators:
An easy-to-use, self-configurable palletizer app

Unrivaled compatibility & versatility

Unrivaled compatibility & versatility

  • Universal Robots, FANUC & Doosan
  • Vertical & horizontal range extender
  • Single & dual pallet configurations
  • Single & dual infeed conveyor system
  • Multiple types of slip sheets
  • Unlimited SKU & pallet recipes
Flawless deployment & operation

Flawless deployment & operation

  • Intuitive 3-step robot calibration
  • Multi-pick capabilities
  • Label orientation
  • Automatic sorting
  • Layout and stack generation
  • Multi-level access or password lock
Reliable monitoring & safety

Reliable monitoring & safety

  • On-demand technical Remote Support
  • Alarm management
  • Live progress indicator
  • Pallet presence detector
  • Pallet full indicator
  • Automatic recovery

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