MachineApps - Cobot Palletizer

MachineApps - Cobot Palletizer

supplied by Vention
$17,476.37 USD
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Vention's Cobot Palletizer MachineApp is an easy-to-use and intuitive application to configure, program and operate your cobot palletizer. This application is compatible with cobots from Fanuc, Universal Robots and Doosan and comes pre-loaded on the Vention's pendant which can be accessed directly from the pendant, or through a computer located on the same network. Using the cobot palletizer MachineApps intuitive interface you can create new recipe (from sku creation to start palletizing) within 4 simple steps and in less than 5 minutes. The Cobot Palletizer MachineApp includes features such as slip sheets management, multi-pick, unlimited SKU and pallet recipe combination, easy 3-step calibration, label management, password lock and multi-level access, error and notification management, live progress monitor screen and many more.

General Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Part Number CE-SW-002-0004
Weight 0.026 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 40.0 x 10.0 x 5.0 mm
Unit Price $17,476.37 USD

Technical Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Vertical range extender Yes
Horizontal range extender Yes
Multi pallets Yes
Dual infeed Yes
Slip sheets Yes
Multi-pick Yes
Label management Yes
Password lock for multi-level access Yes
Live progress monitoring page Yes
Automatic layout generation Yes
Automatic layout optimization Yes
Automatic recovery Yes
Imperial/Metric unit Yes
Unlimited SKU & pallet recipe combination Yes
Pallet full indicator Yes
On-demand Remote support through pendant Yes
Alarm management Yes
Pallet presence detector Yes
Free drive support Yes
Intuitive 3-step calibration Yes
Multi language Coming soon