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Extend the range of your robot

Robot 7th Axis
Why Robot 7th Axis?

Vention’s Robot 7th Axis extends the range of your robot and is plug & play and pinch-point-free. With more actuator types and lengths to choose from, the 7th axis is the most versatile and powerful robot actuator line on the market. Every 7th axis configuration is robot-agnostic, making it fully compatible with FANUC, Universal Robots, Doosan, and others.

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Reach further for increased efficiency

Easy to program

Program and deploy entirely code-free with an intuitive user interface.

Quick to assemble

Assemble your robot 7th axis quickly, with simple instructions and a 3D model of your design.

Fast delivery

Receive your order in as little as one to three days to start automating faster.


Use with your preferred robot brand of FANUC, Universal Robots, Doosan, & others.


Configure your solution

Floor-mounted 7th axis

Robot 7th Axis Configurations

Best for:

Increase reach horizontally from 0.4 m to over 3 m with a floor-mounted range extender. This configuration is compatible with all of Vention's linear actuators.

Overhead 7th axis

Robot 7th Axis Configurations

Best for:

Increase horizontal reach in limited spaces with a floor- or ceiling-mounted overhead range extender. This configuration can increase range extension from 405 mm to over 12 m.

Telescopic 7th axis

Robot 7th Axis Configurations

Best for:

Vention's telescopic lift column helps add height to your robotic cell without the need for additional supporting structures. Connect the column directly to the MachineMotion controller and achieve a max height of 1700 mm through 870 mm of stroke.

Custom vertical 7th axis

Robot 7th Axis Configurations

Best for:

Handle material at various heights by mounting your robot on a vertical range extender. Available in lengths of 855 mm and 1530 mm, this configuration is powered by an enclosed lead screw actuator.


Select a template to get started

Find fully customizable templates by inputting your specifications.

Robot brand

Actuator type

Range extender length


Increasing productivity via an overhead robotic 7th axis

customer story


To meet the demands of an important production contract, which required regrouping three CNC lathes and automating the entire machine-tending and post-machining inspection system with a single UR10 robot.


A 40-foot overhead 7th-axis range extender, with fully configurable linear speed and acceleration. The 7th-axis was deployed in 3 weeks (vs 3 months) and with 5x times the cost savings compared to a traditional approach. The end-to-end solution brought a 100% increase in productivity, moving from 300 parts to 600.

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Ideation to operation in 30 days
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Educational Resources

Robot 7th axis resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

Educational Resources

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