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Pick & Place

Enhance your production line

Pick & Place
Why Pick & Place?

Vention’s Pick & Place solution allows you to introduce automation to your production line quickly and easily. Using our modular parts library, design a robot pick & place cell to meet your unique specifications. After your have a design, you can then program it directly from your web browser using our intuitive, code-free programming environment.

What does Pick & Place solve?

Eliminate errors & risks associated with routine tasks


Use with your preferred robot brand of FANUC, Universal Robots, Epson, Doosan, and more.

Full ecosystem

A modular solution with a wide variety of compatible robot bases, end-of-arm-tools (EOAT), safety enclosures, conveyors, and more.

Quick lead time

Have your order shipped within one to two weeks so you can accelerate your automation roadmap.

Easy to program

Program and deploy entirely code-free with an intuitive user interface.

Pick & Place configurations

Configure your solution

Fenceless cell

Pick & Place configurations

Best for:

Leveraging the collaborative function of cobots so the operator can work closely within the cell.

Enclosed cell

Pick & Place configurations

Best for:

Non-collaborative situations/environments where sharp objects move at high speeds during the process.

Standalone robot

Pick & Place configurations

Best for:

Movable and simple robot pedestal design and select your gripper, safety modules, and peripheral equipment according to your specific needs.


Select a template to get started

Find fully customizable templates by inputting your specifications.

Robot brand


Earn strong ROI with Vention Pick & Place

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Your design

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Your savings

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MMTC Automation Education

customer story


Educational organizations, such as the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), typically have to narrow their focus of education to aid the acquisition of their own training technology. To educate their clients on a broad range of automation applications, MMTC turned to Vention to create a modular pick & place application.


MMTC commissioned a machine that encompassed a broad range of use cases and differing levels of automation. This machine, which was designed and deployed within two weeks, helps demonstrate to clients the value and versatility of manufacturing automation. MMTC now transports this single machine statewide to more effectively educate and train users.

Vention Products

Easily reconfigure as needs change
2-weeks from design to deployment
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Educational Resources

Pick & Place resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

Educational Resources

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