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Industrial Carts

Industrial carts that meet your operational needs

Industrial Cart
Why Industrial Carts?

Vention’s Industrial Carts are designed to be quickly and easily configured, ordered, and deployed. They are engineered to handle light to heavy loads and can be used for storage, picking, material handling and more. Meet your operational needs by customizing your cart using bins, flow rails, drawers, or other accessories from our parts library.

What do Industrial Carts solve?

Organize your factory floor for maximum efficiency


Choose from a wide range of materials and accessories to create the perfect configuration for your needs.

Modular components

Easily reconfigure your industrial cart or add new accessories as your needs change.

Easy to assemble

Assemble your industrial cart using a single tool and intuitive instructions.

Fast delivery

Receive your order in as little as one to three days to meet your operational needs faster.

Industrial Cart Configurations

Configure your solution

Material handling

Industrial Cart Configurations

Best for:

Transporting pallets, engines, and other manufactured products from one assembly station to another in a rigid and precise industrial cart.

Flow rail cart

Industrial Cart Configurations

Best for:

Keeping your assembly line well replenished with a cart customized to your desired shape, size, and capacity.

Tooling cart

Industrial Cart Configurations

Best for:

Creating mobile jigs and fixtures by incorporating tooling components onto a rigid industrial cart frame.


Select a template to get started

Find fully customizable templates by inputting your specifications.





Future-proofing industrial equipment in a low-volume, high-mix facility

customer story


Edwards sought to maximize its new facility by introducing more modular and ergonomic industrial equipment to create a safer working environment and improve productivity. As a low-volume, high-mix facility, the client needed a solution that not only meet their current needs but could be easily modified to adapt to changing demands.


With Vention’s short lead times, Edwards was able to deploy all their new equipment within a strict deadline to significantly improve the working environment for their employees. Efficiency gains were noticed immediately, and the modular equipment will continue to meet return on investment even as needs change.

Vention Products

50% factory expansion
1-week from design to deployment
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Educational Resources

Industrial Cart resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

Educational Resources

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