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Leveraging automation to augment manufacturing processes

Compass Coffee added a cobot palletizer to their production line to help reduce the physical demands of their production and create more time for its customers

Increased palletizing quality
Increased time spent on high-value tasks
Leveraging automation to augment manufacturing processes

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Story Highlights

Turn-key solution adapted to customer needs

Automated palletizing has alleviated labor demands for end-of-line packaging and enabled staff to focus on higher-valued tasks

The quality of palletizing has increased with the automated system, leading to fewer delivery problems at client sites

The simple UI of the Vention pendant has made training staff and operating the machine fast and simple

Compass Coffee’s cobot palletizer was a turn-key solution that was tailored to match the exact production needs of the coffee roaster

The Problem

Repetitive tasks and low quality palletizing

Compass Coffee wanted to automate more of its production line by introducing a cobot palletizer to its end-of-line packaging. A cobot palletizer was the missing piece of their process that would help push the coffee roaster toward complete automation from receiving the raw coffee beans all the way through to a finished product ready for shipment.

Chas Newman, Production Manager

"What makes Vention incredible is not only the quality of the work they provide, but the adaptability of their team to fit the specific needs of their customers. This level of adaptability is a really rare thing."

—Chas Newman, Production Manager

The Project

Finding the right solution

Compass Coffee worked with Vention to build the initial project scope and design a solution that was unique to their business and processes. Despite not having a fast production line, there is a large variance in product types, and the palletizer needed to be adaptable to these variances.

The Results

Improving quality through automation

Compass Coffee is now able to have very few people on the production line, which is capable of producing thousands of pounds of coffee with little manual intervention. With the added automation to their end-of-line packaging, Compass Coffee can now use that saved time on higher-valued tasks, such as teaching new baristas about the coffee journey or spending time with customers. The result of this added automation is both a higher quality end product for their customers and a more engaged and knowledgeable team.

Project Specs

Doosan H2017 cobot
Joulin Dual Vacuum Gripper
Pallet Configuration
Safety System
Three area scanners

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