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Cartesian Palletizer

Automate heavy payload tasks

Cartesian Palletizer
Why Cartesian Palletizer?

Automate your factory floor with Vention's Cartesian Palletizer. Designed for large-scale operations, the cartesian palletizer speeds up your production line with a payload capacity of up to 100kg. Equipped with an intuitive MachineApp and operator interface, you can program your palletizer code-free in minutes. Learn more about palletizing robots.

What does cartesian palletizing solve?

Increases productivity for high payload palletizing

Quick changeovers

Receive more flexibility and easily switch between pallet stack configurations.

Easy to program

Save weeks of manual programming time with field-proven MachineApps and create code-free pallet configurations in minutes.

Powerful support

Support up to 100kg payload and customize to fit your specific needs.

Fast return on investment

See ROI in 15 months or less to further enable your automation roadmap.

Cartesian Palletizer Configurations

Configure your solution


Cartesian Palletizer

Best for:

Repetitive, predetermined pick and drop points.

Pallet dimensions NA, EUR or custom
Max pallet height (mm) Please contact


Cartesian Palletizer

Best for:

High variety of products and flexible layer patterns.

Pallet dimensions NA, EUR or custom
Max pallet height (mm) Please contact


Cartesian Palletizer

Best for:

Multi-SKU, product accumulation, and efficiency.

Pallet dimensions NA, EUR or custom
Max pallet height (mm) Please contact
  • Design validation & customization
  • Pre-assembly & factory acceptance test
  • Site acceptance test & commissioning


Earn strong ROI with a Vention Cartesian Palletizer

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Your design

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Your savings

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Five years saving
15 months
Payback time

Program your palletizer

Learn the power of MachineApps

Pallet Configurator


Configure, program, and operate your palletizer to exact specifications using our intuitive and easy-to-use pallet configurator.

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Leveraging automation to augment manufacturing processes

customer story


Develop a double-pallet, 4-axis palletizing solution to automate the production line and reduce the risk of injury among employees. The palletizer had to operate below a 15 second cycle time and carry boxes with weight up to 30 lbs.


Powered by vention’s Palletizer MachineApp, the company developed a double pallet, 4-axis cartesian palletizer with a palletizing area of 3.5m x 2.5m x 4.1m. Input to the palletizer is an automated belt conveyor carrying boxes with weight up to 50 lbs. A mechanical guiding system combined with a sensor is being used to have a repeatable picking point. The end-of-arm-tool is a Plug and Pick 200x400 by Joulin.

Vention Products

Increased palletizing quality
Increased time spend on high-value tasks
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Educational Resources

Cartesian palletizer resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

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