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Box Erecting

Simplify packaging operations

Box Erecting
Why Box Erecting?

Vention’s Box Erecting solution helps remove additional labor demands from end-of-line production with the same ease of use as your cobot palletizer. Combining speed and simplicity, box erecting can be tailored to match your exact production needs. Featuring extra-large magazines, Vention's solution allows you to form enough boxes for 2 pallets without refilling.

What does Box Erecting solve?

Remove labor demands from your end-of-line

Efficient production

Up to seven boxes per minute with option for extra large magazine to form boxes for up to two pallets without refilling.


Adaptable to a wide range of box sizes with multiple magazine options for running different SKUs simultaneously.

Turnkey solution

Out-of-the-box functionality with an intuitive interface allowing you to create new SKUs within minutes.

Quick lead time

Ships in 14 weeks giving you all the flexibility to accelerate your automation roadmap.

Box Erecting Configurations

Configure your solution


Box Erector

Best for:

Flexible footprint and different box sizes.

Compatible with:
Universalrobots Fanuc Doosan
Maximum Box Size (mm) L: 600 | W: 600 | H: 600
Minimum Box Size (mm) L: 150 | W: 150 | H: 90
Auto-Detection System Deformed boxes, low tape stock, low magazine stock
Taping System Tabletop or timing-belt conveyors
Safety Systems Area scanners, enclosed, or semi enclosed


Select a template to get started

Find fully customizable templates by inputting your specifications.

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Earn strong ROI with a Vention Box Erector

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Educational Resources

Box erecting resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

Educational Resources

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