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Working with a Certified System Integrator to make complex industrial automation projects a success

August 13, 2020 | Jean-Marc Naud

Working with a Certified System Integrator to make complex industrial automation projects a success

Manufacturing automation platforms (MAPs) are democratizing industrial automation. With the integration of plug-and-play modular automation components and a full suite of digital engineering software, MAPs empower a new generation of users to create automation systems by themselves—from design all the way to deployment.

However, the more complex the automated equipment, the more the end user can benefit from an experienced system integrator.
A community-based platform like Vention helps connect end users with system integrators, providing them both with the tools to collaborate on complex industrial automation projects.

A new role for automation system integrators

Traditionally, system integrators focused on complex high-throughput automation systems for large factories that could afford significant capital expenditures.
But with the advent of cobots, MAPs, and other democratization technologies, even high-mix and low-volume factories are adopting industrial automation at an accelerated pace. (See our recent blog post recent blog post , “The adoption of advanced manufacturing starts with democratization.”)

System integrators have a new field of play for the lower-cost automation systems that are opening an entirely new market for factory automation. To reach this emerging market, integrators must adapt their delivery models.

They have to meet the expectations of a new generation of end users: clients that insist on the rapid deployment of low-cost, easily repurposed, application-focused machines. Our friends at Universal Robots are thinking along similar lines; see Joe Campbell’s article on how “lean integrators” are helping SMEs automate.

How a MAP helps end users partner with integrators

One key feature of manufacturing automation platforms is that they enable end users (who are looking to deploy complex automated equipment) to collaborate with system integrators (who have deep expertise with that equipment).

With Vention’s MachineScope, for example, end users and integrators can work together to identify all the automation requirements upfront. Regardless of the end user’s proficiency with industrial automation, MachineScope provides a guided step-by-step tool to define the required process performance, technical requirements, and acceptance criteria.

Equipped with the complete picture, system integrators can quickly react and provide advice as needed, ensuring the project is successfully executed from design to deployment. In this way, MachineScope is a tool for educating a new class of automation end users while eliminating grey zones in the system requirements.

Customer success in pairing the right CSI with the right client

While Vention end users always have the option to partner with the integrator of their choice, we also maintain a network of Certified System Integrators (CSIs) with a proven track record in working with our technology. End users looking for an out-of-the-box solution can benefit from this expert-based ecosystem.

Our customer success team is responsible for creating the perfect match, a match based on expressed requirements and proven expertise. The Vention MAP saves end users significant engineering time and provides the right CSI to ensure the project succeeds.

Certified system integrators focus on value-added activities, like:

  1. Advising on various industrial automation strategies
  2. Identifying equipment requirements and design reviews
  3. Assembling automation equipment (before shipping and on-site)
  4. Developing custom automation programs and software
  5. Testing and validating designs
  6. Supporting end-to-end equipment design, procurement, and commissioning

MAPs like Vention bring fluidity to the interactions between CSIs and end users. The result? Customers get the right machine for their needs in a fraction of the time and cost it would traditionally take. And CSIs, in turn, get to focus their attention on the engineering challenges that require their expertise and deliver more systems for more customers.

It’s always a pleasure working with the Vention team. Their platform and support services—from design assistance to the resource hub—have let us tackle more projects quickly and easily. Looking forward to many more successful projects! - Nicholas Francoeur, Vanguard Robotics

If you think working with one of Vention’s Certified System Integrators could benefit your next project or if you’re an integrator looking to join Vention’s CSI program, contact us.

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