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Best practices for cobot palletizing in your workspace

December 20, 2023 | Quinn Harker


As 2023 comes to an end, many manufacturers are already looking ahead to discover innovative solutions to enhance productivity, save costs, and streamline operations in 2024. Collaborative robots, or cobots, have emerged as game-changers in various industries, offering a unique blend of automation and human collaboration. One area where cobots have proven particularly valuable is robotic automated palletizing – the process of automating the stacking of products onto pallets for shipping or storage. 

In this blog post, we will explore the best practices for cobot palletizing to help you optimize your operations and achieve maximum efficiency in the new year.

Risk Assessment and Safety Protocols:

Before implementing automated palletizing into your production line, it is important to conduct a thorough risk assessment. While cobots are designed to safely work alongside humans, there are still risks and potential hazards that should be taken into consideration. We recommend establishing clear safety guidelines, including restricted work zones and emergency stop mechanisms. Check out our blog, “Five safety standards you should know before deploying your first cobot cell,” for guidelines. 

In addition, health and safety training is crucial for any employee who will be working with automation. Minimize the risks of accidents and promote a culture of safety for a thriving work environment.

Selecting the Right Cobot for Palletizing:

Choosing the right cobot for palletizing tasks is a critical decision. Consider factors such as payload capacity, reach, and speed to ensure that the cobot can handle the specific requirements of your palletizing application. Additionally, look for cobots with advanced sensing capabilities, as this enables them to adapt to variations in product size, shape, and weight. The goal is to select a cobot that aligns with your palletizing needs while providing flexibility for future changes in production requirements.

To learn more about how to choose the correct palletizer cobot for your operations, read our blog, “8 steps to selecting the right cobot palletizer.”

Optimizing Gripper Technology:

The gripper or “end of arm tool” is a crucial component of any robotic palletizing system. Selecting the right gripper technology is essential for efficient handling of diverse products. For example, vacuum grippers are ideal for handling items with smooth and flat surfaces, while robotic arms equipped with soft grippers are suitable for delicate items. 

Additionally, end-of-arm tools with adaptable fingers or suction cups enhance the cobot’s ability to grip a wide range of products securely. Regularly calibrating and maintaining grippers is essential for consistent performance.

There are so many gripper options out there. Visit Vention’s parts library to see your options. As always, our team of experts is available to help you determine the correct gripper (or even create a custom one!) for your palletizing needs. 

Intuitive Programming Interfaces:

To maximize the benefits of cobot palletizing, it is essential to have a user-friendly programming interface. Intuitive programming allows operators with minimal technical expertise to easily program the cobot, teach it new tasks, and make adjustments as needed. This reduces the reliance on specialized programming skills, making cobots accessible to a broader range of employees and lowing costs required for 3rd patry expertise. 

Vention’s Palletizer MachineApp is the quickest and most intuitive way to program, configure, and operate your palletizing robots. The user-friendly graphics interface enables those of all skill levels to program automated machines and robots. See how Rev-A-Shelf utilized MachineApps to easily perform changeovers of SKUs and box sizes on their industrial palletizer robots.

Integration with Existing Systems:

Any new automation solution should seamlessly integrate with existing production lines. This integration ensures a smooth flow of materials and information throughout the entire supply chain. 

For palletizing, ensure that the cobot is integrated into the broader communication network of the production facility. Use standardized communication protocols to enable seamless data exchange between the cobot and other devices. Ensuring proper communication between stations, whether it’s a pallet wrapper following the palletizer or a conveyor system preceding it, is essential.

Vention’s MachineMotion is a plug-and-play motion controller that bridges the gap between the cloud and the factory floor. Certified to Canadian, US, and European standards, MachineMotion includes control modular, code-free software, open-source development, and more. Enable communication between your existing PLCs or future PLCs and MachineMotion using the robust EtherNet/IP standard automation protocol.

Continuous Remote Monitoring and Analytics:

Implementing a system for continuous remote monitoring and analytics is crucial for identifying potential unplanned downtime, optimizing workflows, and improving overall efficiency. Cobots equipped with data tracking and cameras can provide real-time data on the robot palletizer’s performance. 

With Vention’s MachineAnalytics, receive remote access to real-time insights and historical data. Through a singular dashboard, see all your machine’s performance and health statistics to optimize performance and maximize uptime. With RemoteView, have eyes on your machine at all times through a real-time video stream. With just a cable, camera, and mount, immediately access your stream, no integration is required. 

Employee Training and Collaboration:

While cobots are designed to operate alongside human workers, it is essential to provide comprehensive training to employees involved in your cobot palletizer’s tasks. Training should cover not only the operation of cobots but also safety protocols, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures. 

To receive training for your whole team, Vention provides flexible training solutions to fit your needs. Visit us in person at the Vention Experience Center for hands-on automated palletizer robot training, or schedule a session virtually. Either training solution allows you and your team to develop and hone your automation skills. 


Cobot palletizing represents a significant leap forward in automation, offering businesses the opportunity to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall competitiveness. By incorporating the best practices outlined in this blog post – from meticulous risk assessment and safety protocols to selecting the right cobot and optimizing gripper technology – businesses can unlock the full potential of cobot palletizing in their operations.

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