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Vention at PACK EXPO East: The best in packaging and processing innovation

March 21, 2024 | Quinn Harker

From March 18th to 20th, 2024, Vention participated in PACK EXPO East, the East Coast trade show for cutting-edge packaging and processing solutions. With over 400+ exhibitors, 40+ vertical markets, and over 7k+ attendees, PACK EXPO is the place to see the most innovative industrial automation and manufacturing solutions. 

At the event, Vention presented live palletizing demonstrations showcasing the versatility and efficiency of our Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP). We demonstrated the integration of Remote Support, Palletizer MachineApps, and our suite of automation tools to the automation solutions. These demonstrations underscored our commitment to delivering turn-key palletizing solutions for manufacturers, such as the Rapid Series, to streamline operations and achieve significant cost savings.

“What caught my attention this year at PACK EXPO East was the remarkable influx of new automation buyers and corporate representatives. Surprisingly, the vast majority had little to no prior experience with automation. The team and I had some great conversations, sharing with these buyers new technologies that are more accessible and no longer require a lot of experience in automation.” - Brian McHugh, Vice President of Sales, Vention

Rapid Series CRX-25 Palletizer

Our first demo featured the Rapid Series Palletizer, one of our most recent innovations. Equipped with a FANUC CRX-25 robot arm and a Vention telescopic column, booth visitors experienced the ease of use of this palletizer, from its plug-and-play components to its intuitive pallet configuration software. If you need quick deployment and effortless implementation, the Rapid Series Palletizer is for you. 

Key features:

  • 5-day lead time from order confirmation to shipping 
  • 2-3 day on-site deployment
  • 10 minutes to configure
  • <100k USD options 
  • 6-month playback 
  • Multiple configurations available 

Learn more about the Rapid Series Palletizer.

Telescopic Lift Column with a UR20

Our second demo featured a Universal Robots UR20 on Vention’s telescopic lift column. As the go-to choice for adjustable cobot palletizing applications, Vention’s telescopic lift column has a superior load-bearing capacity, 1.5 to 2x higher than competitors. It is outfitted with a Vention gripper that can be customized to the specifications of your boxes. This is the perfect application for all your palletizing needs, including heavy-payload cobots.

Key features:

  • Compatibility: UR10, 16 & 20, and the FANUC CRX-10, 20, & 25
  • Maximum output force & load capacity: 2,250 N
  • Linear range: 870 mm
  • Linear speed: Up to 90 mm/s
  • Max height: 1,700 mm

View more cobot palletizing solutions.

Remote Support

As showcased with our Rapid Series demo, Remote Support is your solution to receiving high-priority, on-demand automation and deployment support. With just a click of a button on the Vention pendant, get connected to our Customer Success Team within 10 minutes. From there, you can communicate via video, voice, and instant chat. Screen share your program and machine configuration for quick issue resolution and live stream through the front and back-facing cameras. Stop waiting days, weeks, or even months for your automation and deployment troubles to be resolved. Get on-demand support when and where you need it. 

Key features:

  • Unlimited, on-demand access to Vention’s Customer Success Team
  • Get connected within 10 minutes of requesting support
  • Communicate via video, voice streaming, and instant chat
  • Screen share your program and machine configuration for quick issue resolution
  • Built-in, 5 MP front and back-facing cameras

Discover Remote Support.

Palletizer MachineApp

Featured on both palletizing demos, Palletizer MachineApps is the top choice for frontline officers. As the simplest and most intuitive palletizing software, it allows you to configure, program, and operate your palletizer using the no-code graphics interface. It is so easy that anyone can become a palletizing expert and fully configure pallets in just 10 minutes. 

Key features: 

  • Robot-agnostic interface 
  • Unlimited SKU and pallet recipes
  • Simple SKU changeovers and adaptations for evolving productions
  • Single & dual pallet configurations and single & dual infeed conveyor system
  • Intuitive 3-step robot calibration, multi-pick capabilities, label orientation, and more

Try Palletizer MachineApps today.


Finally, we featured MachineAnalytics, our 24/7 remote monitoring software for maximizing machine uptime and optimizing performance. Visitors learned about the MachineAnalytics dashboard and saw a detailed, real-time breakdown of a machine’s performance and key health metrics. Access to this data enables you to make more informed decisions about your machine and accelerate machine health diagnosis and downtime resolution. 

Key features:

  • Monitor your whole fleet from a single dashboard
  • Access real-time insights and historical data from anywhere, at any time 
  • Get more out of your machine’s performance and maximize uptime
  • Accelerate root cause analysis and identify inefficiencies to reduce downtime

Read more about MachineAnalytics. 

Next, Vention will attend Automate 2024 from May 6 to 9 in Chicago, Illinois! We hope to see you there. If you couldn’t attend PACK EXPO East but would like to know more about our products and applications, please contact our team using the form on the left-hand side of your screen.

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