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Timing Belt Conveyors

Flexible conveyor options

Timing Belt Conveyors
Why Timing Belt Conveyors?

Vention’s Timing Belt Conveyor solution is a modular approach to conveying. Whether you are looking to build a full assembly line or need simple product conveying, Vention’s modular parts let you configure different segments and build your conveyor in any shape. Get the flexibility of designing and deploying your custom machine with the peace of mind of a vetted plug & play ecosystem.

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What do timing belt conveyors solve?

Introduce simplicity & versatility to conveying

Simple programming

Program and deploy entirely code-free with an intuitive user interface.

Easy to assemble

Assemble your conveyor in four to eight hours, with simple instructions and a 3D model of your design.

Fast delivery

Receive your order in as little as three to seven days to start automating faster.


Fully customize the length, width, and height of your conveyor with our library of modular components.

Timing Belt Conveyor Configurations

Configure your solution

Single pallet conveyance

Timing Belt Conveyor Configurations

Best for:

A small pallet system to transport parts with referenced points for robotic applications and more.

Assembly lines

Timing Belt Conveyor Configurations

Best for:

A full assembly line integrating conveyors and other applications with the addition of 90-degree angled turns.

Small product conveyance

Timing Belt Conveyor Configurations

Best for:

One timing belt conveyor to move smaller products.

Large material handling

Timing Belt Conveyor Configurations

Best for:

Several timing belts to create a larger, more cost-effective solution for large product conveying.


Select a template to get started

Find fully customizable templates by inputting your specifications.



Educational Resources

Timing belt conveyor resources to get you up and running

Explore our technical documents, video tutorials, and deployment guides for in-depth information about Vention products and tools.

Educational Resources

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