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Assembly & Maintenance

How to assemble your Vention modular hardware and keep it running smoothly.

Assembly & Maintenance FAQs

Vention’s extrusion system is a proprietary patent-pending profile, even though it is compatible with profiles of the same dimensions from other manufacturers. We developed our own profile because our machine design offerings require more strength than the typical safety perimeters and guarding that are created with commercially available T-slot extrusions. 

As a result, our 45 x 45 mm profile is 15% to 35% more rigid than competitors’ profiles. What’s more, our V-groove interface (located between extrusions and assembly plates) increases the load-bearing capacity of every assembly joint by up to 25%, while maintaining the structural alignment of the frame being assembled.

The MachineMotion controller is designed for indoor use. If you decide to use it outside anyway (not recommended), we advise placing it in an IP-rated enclosure.

Vention’s warranty covers component manufacturing defects that arise within a period of 12 months from the purchase date. To initiate a warranty request, simply start a live chat on the Vention site and tell us what the problem is. Depending on the situation, we'll either ship you a replacement part or give you a refund.

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