UR10 CMM Machine Tending Cell With CPC Conveyors and Detachable Tables
Designed by: Scott Wisniewski
$8,892.98 USD
All parts available
UR10 CMM Machine Tending Cell was designed to allow easy pallet loading between Incoming pallets, Robot, CMM and Outfeed Conveyor. The 2 workstation tables can be disconnected and reconnected to allow easy movement through facility and door entries. The CPC - Chain Pallet Conveyor from Gate Technologies allows custom fixture designs to be easily adapted to the conveyors Cleats. Process is as followed: An Operator or Mobile Industrial Cart adds a pallet to the infeed Conveyor Conveyor Indexes pallets to robot Robot Loads/Unloads CMM Unit If product is bad, robot places bad pallets onto manual fixture locations and alerts the operator If product is good, robot places the good pallet onto the outfeed conveyor and indexes the conveyor.
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