Training Sled 2.0
Designed by: Robert Brennan
$12,434.40 USD
Not all parts available
For training technicians and engineers in the foundations of workmanship. This is the final graded assessment after a 3 day technical training course focused on workmanship fundamentals and discipline. Teams of 2 must assemble the sled within 3 hours using a written procedure while the instructor monitors and grades them. They are graded based on workmanship, procedural compliance, parts handling, 6S, critical thinking, and the operation of all inputs and outputs. To obtain a passing grade and be certified to perform maintenance on the factory floor this machine must be built from the ground up, having passed the previous points scores, and the sled must operate based on a predesigned script. Dimensions are critical for placement of components as the script and distance of the pneumatics result in a fixed extension for the optical sensor. If teams do not assemble based on the proper measurements they will not trip the sensor and will fail the final assessment. It provides a safe and effective work environment for new technicians and engineers to learn the fundamentals of workmanship, hand tools, and mechatronics.
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