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"July 2018 Design Challenge" When I started to think about a 3d printer frame design I wanted to reduce wobble as much as possible hence the name NoWobble3D. I tilted the Z axis 45 degree (in fact this could also be 60 degree) to be able to use belt for Z. If my math is not wrong the build volume is about 1m X 1m X 1m (but can be customized by changing only the length of the extrusions and timing belts if needed). This means that for each Z movement the bed needs to "follow up" hence the bed slightly moves in sync with the Z movement. My plan is to use worm gear to self suspend the 45 degree Z in case of power failure. Advantages of the design: - ideally there's no need to level the bed - no wobble as all axes are constrained by aluminum extrusions - no ghosting or ringing - reconfigurability in the future to be used as a belt-style 3d printer - dual (or quad) extrusion can be solved by only moving the bed to be aligned with the other extruder thus the full 1mX1mX1m can be utilized





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