i3 Leviathan: Large-Scale Industrial 3D Printer

i3 Leviathan: Large-Scale Industrial 3D Printer

$16,000.17 USD
The i3 Leviathan is an industrial 3D printer featuring a build platform measuring 1000 x 1200mm and a maximum build height of 1200mm. The i3 Leviathan uses ball screws for movement along all three axes, allowing the printer to maintain high dimensional accuracy across its entire build envelope. The use of ball screws also increases the safety of the printer because even in the event of a power cut, the axes will remain stationary. The i3 Leviathan is designed to be used with a dual-nozzle extruder with 1mm or larger nozzle sizes so that large prints can be completed in a reasonable time. The printer has a pair of holders for 5kg spools of 3mm 3D printing filament. The use of spools twice the size of those used by desktop 3D printers allows the i3 Leviathan to operate for long periods of time before running out of 3D printing media.

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Technical Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Design number ME-OT-12208 v59
Weight 170.8 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1811 x 1775 x 1809 mm
Unit price $16,000.17 USD
Use case Other Equipment
Application Other
Assembly time 17:08

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