Heavy-Duty XYZR Gantry

Designed by: Vention Official
$58,312.41 USD
Not all parts available
High-performance XYZR gantry system made with 4 Vention enclosed timing belt actuators (X and Y axis), 1 rack and pinion actuator (Z-axis) and 1 rotary actuator for the tool. Ideal for applications that requires 3D motion and tool flexibility such as palletizing or glue dispensing. Includes MachineMotion 2 controller, pendant, motors, sensors, and cabling. Programming is done via code-free MachineLogic interface or via Python. Automated designs should be reviewed by an engineer for performance, suitability and risk assessment of the overall system. Reach out to support@vention.io to ensure the gantry and controls are suited for your application.
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