3D Design Challenge: Versatile Product Cycling Test Bench with Thomson Industries

Designed by: Matthew Lee
$14,535.46 USD
Not all parts available
This cycling test bench includes four cycling lane. Two motion controllers are used to provide a total of four outputs for each independent lane. The emergency stops are faced toward one side for easier access to stop the system in case of an emergency. The linear actuator rails are 1350 mm each to ensure enough space to allow the end product to have a displacement of up to 1305 mm. The end product weight is up to 15kg, which creates up to 3.51 Nm torque with a Linear Force/Torque Ratio (N/Nm) of 42. Therefore, 100 mm NEMA 34 Stepper Motors are used to create enough holding torque for testing purpose. The motors are placed on top of the linear actuators so that it is pulling the weight up rather than pushing it up. A platform is built for each cycling lanes to accept the end product up to 315 x 315 x 180 mm.
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