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Introducing the UR30: Now available on Vention’s MAP

November 29, 2023 | Quinn Harker

Universal Robot’s UR30 is now available for pre-order starting November 29th! This new collaborative robot (cobot) is a major step forward in bringing advanced robotics to a wider audience. The UR30 excels in handling heavy loads while maintaining a compact design, redefining what’s possible in robotics and automation.

A New Era of Palletizing

From tending to palletizing, the UR30 is a versatile cobot that can expertly handle tasks across Vention’s turnkey and custom applications. With a strong 30 kg lifting capacity and a wide 1300mm reach, this cobot is transforming the dynamics of power and spatial efficiency in collaborative workspaces.

Based on the successful UR20, the UR30 keeps a compact design while improving motion control for accurate placement of large loads. Its ability to navigate collaboratively, combined with its lifting ability and compact design, establishes a new standard for efficiency and flexibility in automation.

Adaptable Applications

The UR30 seamlessly integrates with our existing palletizing solutions for a hassle-free and streamlined implementation process. When used with Vention’s palletizing solutions, it is an ideal choice for manufacturers who prioritize speed and strength in a compact footprint. Choose from a variety of turnkey, custom, and modular palletizer configurations, all compatible with this new robotic arm.

Beyond palletizing, the UR30 is also fit for machine tending, dispensing, finishing, and much more.

Talk to an Expert about the UR30

The introduction of the UR30 to Vention’s platform signifies a new chapter in collaborative robotics aimed at elevating efficiency, precision, and adaptability.

Don’t wait—schedule time with an automation expert to discuss your next project!

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