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Vention’s Automation Partner Program sets the bar for industry partnership and innovation

December 05, 2023 | Quinn Harker

Vention is all set to unveil a host of revolutionary enhancements to its Vention Automation Partner (VAP) Program. The revamped VAP Program, set to take effect on January 1, 2024, is designed to foster stronger collaboration between Vention and its esteemed partners, as well as better align with the evolving needs of the automation industry. This new program enables the objectives of our partners, ensuring that they receive the recognition and support equal to their investment in Vention. The changes reinforce Vention’s commitment to rewarding and empowering its partners.

Moreover, the program embraces the spirit of collaboration by expanding the list of commitments for both parties. Vention and its partners will work closely together to co-create solutions and leverage industry knowledge to maximize the potential of automation. This extended commitment solidifies the VAP program as a unique and unrivaled offering in the industry.

“Vention is dedicated to advancing the automation industry, and our partners play a pivotal role in achieving this mission. We are excited about the changes to the VAP Program, as this signifies a commitment to collaboration and a strategic approach to automation success,” said Joe Wykes, Chief Revenue Officer at Vention.

Through the VAP Program, partners will benefit from commercial advantages, recognition programs, and the opportunity to collaborate with Vention’s marketing organization. This collaborative approach will help accelerate both party’s organic growth and profitability, setting a new benchmark for partnership programs in the automation industry.

Vention invites both its existing and prospective partners to embrace this exciting evolution of the VAP Program. By doing so, Vention and its partners will continue to drive innovation and lead the industrial automation industry into a promising future of efficiency and excellence.

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