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Program your way with MachineLogic’s enhanced industrial automation programming environment

December 06, 2023 | Quinn Harker

MachineLogic, Vention’s intuitive environment for programming, simulating, and deploying automated equipment and complete robot cells was designed with the goal of accommodating a whole new generation of robot programmers. Regardless of coding expertise or prior knowledge, individuals at any level can successfully program from a single environment, available in your web browser.

In our upcoming updates, we have furthered the accessibility of MachineLogic with an enhanced code-free and Python programming environment. This continuum of programming options offered within MachineLogic, from code-free automation for emerging automation practitioners to Python programming for automation experts, empowers all programmers to automate through a streamlined process.

Our enhanced code-free programming environment lowers the barrier to automation through improved navigability and editing of your application. Our native Python integration allows programmers to automate their systems and program their robots within the integrated Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP) environment for a seamless transition from design to automation.

Empowering automation programming, simulation, and deployment with an enhanced no-code user interface

With our newly updated user interface, Vention’s code-free programming just got even simpler. The improved visual sequence editor now includes distinct views for sequences and main program, making sequence organization and identification easier than before.

With our enhanced code-free programming environment, experience:

  • Ease-of-use: Use our drag & drop function to add, re-organize, and modify sequences and commands throughout your application.
  • Improved accuracy: Collapse and expand individual sequences to quickly preview content in a detailed tree-view for a clearer view of specific sections of your program.
  • Easy navigation: Move between applications using the drop-down menu on the top left-hand side of your menu.
  • Fewer steps: Build fully automated sequences using single commands, such as move actuators and program robot waypoints.
  • Faster configuration: Configure your machine using the built-in configurator.
  • Greater simplicity: Eliminate complex logic using the built-in state machine editor.

Unlocking automation programming with native Python integration

You can now program, simulate, and deploy your robots and automated equipment using the well-known and documented Python syntax directly in MachineLogic. Get up and running right away using our API to efficiently control machines and robots.

With native Python integration, experience the following benefits:

  • Accessibility and inclusivity: Providing familiar workflows and instructions for easier adoption.
  • Faster development: Enabling seamless integration of hardware and software on a single platform.
  • Precise deployment: Adding accuracy and efficiency in developing complex missions.
  • Offline simulation: Simulating before deployment to mitigate risks in your roadmap and investments.
  • Vendor agnostic: Automating a wide variety of devices and robots through a single programming interface.
  • Reduced learning curve: Minimizing syntactic and logical errors by employing correct programming patterns.

Program your way with MachineLogic

These features are now available in MachineLogic. If you would like a demo or more information, please contact our experts.

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