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Celebrating Women’s History Month at Vention

March 31, 2024 | Quinn Harker


Throughout March, Vention was proud to celebrate Women’s History Month. We have inspirational women who are leading the way in growing Vention and further democratizing industrial automation. We look to them as leaders, paving their way in automation and making a lasting impact.

We asked several women from teams across Vention to talk about what Women’s History Month means to them, their experiences being women in the automation and robotics industry, and what advice they have for other women.

Hear from Julie Lepage, VP of Product; Bao Thy Thai, Integrator Specialist; Nata Tsintsabadze, Sales Manager, EMEA; and Cécile Locatelli, Logistics Specialist.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Nata: “Women’s History Month to me is a vital occasion for recognizing and appreciating the often overlooked contributions of women, particularly in industries like tech. It’s a reminder of the necessity to elevate their voices and accomplishments, fostering greater awareness and discussion.”

Cécile: “This is not just a time of celebration but an opportunity for women to amplify their voices and engage men as allies. We should educate and share our experiences to reduce stereotypes and foster more understanding.”

What are your key learnings from working in a male-dominated environment? 

Julie: “In software development, I always felt welcomed by my male colleagues. When you respect people and are competent in what you do, people will fight for you to succeed. When you want to learn, and you want to help your team, people will feel it and will welcome you.”

Thy: “Don’t hesitate to ask the right questions when needed. You should never be afraid to speak up and make your voice heard. At the end of the day, I’ve also learned that respect and patience go a long way.”

What advice would you give to other women in this field?

Cécile: “If I had to give a piece of advice to women in automation and robotics, I would say, be adaptable. Especially in this industry, you’re working on multiple projects at a time that both change quickly and move fast. Be ready for anything.” 

Nata: “My advice would be to embrace patience and persistence in your journey, hard work always pays off. Stay genuinely interested in your work, always seeking to learn and grow. Most importantly, never underestimate the power of your voice—speak up, advocate for yourself, and contribute your valuable perspective to drive positive change.” 

How have you been able to influence your colleagues around you and the wider business? 

Julie: “Influence is a question of credibility and confidence. Your ability to transform words into successful action will help you to gain credibility. Work and life experience will help you with your confidence. If you have already gone through a similar issue or you can relate, you feel confident about your proposed solution.”

Thy: “Try to have a high-level view of the current team situation and provide support and improvement suggestions when needed. As you continue to do this, both your influence on the team and your overall confidence will grow.”

Thank you to these amazing women for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us! We celebrate you and all the amazing women who are paving the way with their leadership not only at Vention, but throughout the world of automation and robotics. 

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