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A complete list of our Q4 2023 product updates

December 20, 2023 | Quinn Harker

As we wrap up 2023 and prepare to begin a new year, we are taking a moment to reflect on our most exciting announcements, releases, and events from the last quarter of 2023. This quarter witnessed our biggest event of the year, a transformative addition to our Manufacturing Automation Platform, successful virtual events, and much more.


Release of First-Annual DIY Industrial Automation Report


The State of DIY Industrial Automation report offers a comprehensive analysis of the growing trend of DIY industrial automation and the Advanced Manufacturing Team among small to medium-sized manufacturers. 

Our research serves as a strategic guide for manufacturers through unique insights, behaviors, and adoption patterns.

Download the full report.

Canada’s Top Growing Companies of 2023


Vention was named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies of 2023 by The Globe and Mail. Ranking #64 out of 425 companies, Vention earned its spot with a three-year revenue growth of 636%. This award represents the drive and ingenuity displayed by Canadian businesses. 

Check out the full announcement.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Canada Winner 


For the third time, Vention was awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ award for our rapid revenue growth, entrepreneurial spirit, and bold innovation. Ranking at #29 with three-year revenue growth of 636% from 2019 to 2023, we’re revolutionizing the $180B+ industrial automation market.

Read the full announcement.

Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP)


Heavy-Duty Hardware for the Next Generation of Cobots

To support heavy-payload applications, including range extenders and overhead gantries, Vention released an ecosystem of extrusions and 7th axes designed for the next generation of heavy-duty, 20-30 kg cobots. With these additional components, you can simplify your overall designs and shorten your assembly time while gaining extra rigidity.

Discover more about our heavy-duty hardware solutions.

Expanded Pneumatic Ecosystem

From custom vacuum grippers to actuators, the pneumatic ecosystem has always been an important segment of Vention’s parts library. To cover additional use cases and create more value for your designs, we added multiple new parts, including pressure regulators, guided double-acting pneumatic actuators, box stoppers, heavy-duty pallet stoppers, vacuum switches, and much more.

All these parts and accessories can be found in MachineBuilder for you to design and purchase instantly. 

Learn more about Vention’s pneumatic ecosystem.



MachineAnalytics unlocks your machine’s full potential with remote access to real-time insights and historical data. Located within your Vention dashboard, track your machine performance, utilization, and health to identify issues before they occur, reduce downtime, improve overall safety, increase productivity, and more. 

Learn more about MachineAnalytics.


While MachineAnalytics enables you to remotely track your machine’s performance and health through data, RemoteView tracks it through a 24/7 live video stream. With a camera mounted on your factory floor, view your machine running in real-time so you have eyes on your operation at all times, no matter where you are in the world.

Discover the full capabilities of RemoteView.

Robot Programming for Python

Using the well-known Python syntax, you can now program, simulate, and deploy robots and automated equipment directly in MachineLogic. Get up and running right away using our API to control machines and robots efficiently. 

Learn about all the programming capabilities available in MachineLogic.


Rapid Deployment Robot Palletizer


Our newest, most compact, scalable, and cost-effective cobot palletizer is here. Featuring a 5-day lead time and 6-month payback, this palletizer allows you to be fully operational in less than two weeks. 

In addition, Vention provides MachineApps, the simplest palletizer software on the market, to configure, program, and operate your machine. To ensure your cobot palletizer’s successful deployment and operation, receive on-site deployment, three programmed and tested SKUs, a one-year Remote Support subscription, one hour of user training, and the optional addition of MachineAnalytics and RemoteView.

Explore the Rapid Deployment Robot Palletizer.


NIST 800-171 Certification 

Adherence to NIST 800-171 allows us to serve clients who store, process, or transmit CUI for U.S. Federal projects and who are required to only use vendors with mature Information Security programs.

The scope encompasses all Vention processes and resources that are used to create, deliver, and maintain the Vention Online Platform. This includes MachineScope, MachineBuilder, MachineLogic, MachineCloud, MachinePortal, and MachineApps.

Discover all the ways we keep our platform secure.


Demo Day 2023

This year, we celebrated Demo Day 2023, our fourth-annual product event to showcase our latest cutting-edge innovations. This year, we welcomed hundreds of clients, partners, and industry leaders to our Montreal and Berlin offices. During the event, we shared our largest announcement of the year: the introduction of the Operate pillar to the Manufacturing Automation Platform. 

With Operate comes MachineAnalytics, RemoteView, and Remote Support, three essential tools to remotely monitor your machines and get support when you need it—unlocking your production’s full potential. 

Learn other announcements you missed from Demo Day 2023.

Polishing Performance: Optimize Your Operations with Robotic Sanding Solutions

In this webinar hosted in partnership with A3, we explored the fascinating world of automated sanding and its potential to transform your facility operations. Discover the advantages, including how it can improve precision, consistent quality, and cost-savings—making it a game-changer for any industrial setting. 

Watch the webinar on-demand.

Palletizing Reinvented: How Modular Applications are Futureproofing the Factories of Today

For those interested in cobot palletizing, we hosted a webinar to deep-dive into our palletizing solutions. Palletizing is a cost-effective and efficient solution to automate your packaging needs. With Vention’s dedicated team and easy-to-use software, palletizer deployment and operation have never been easier.

Watch the webinar on-demand.

DIY Industrial Automation Webinar

In this webinar hosted by Vention’s CEO, Etienne Lacroix, we delve into the transformative shift happening in industrial automation with the rise of DIY automation and the Advanced Manufacturing Team. Learn actionable insights for navigating DIY automation and how to establish an Advanced Manufacturing Team in your own organization. 

Watch the webinar on-demand.

Vention Automation Partners

This year we revamped our Vention Automation Partner (VAP) Program to foster stronger collaboration between Vention and our esteemed partners. The program aims to continue to drive innovation and lead the industrial automation industry into a promising future of efficiency and excellence.

The program also expanded to welcome 13 more VAPs in North America and EMEA.

Read more about the new VAP program.

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That’s a wrap on Q4! Stay up-to-date on our latest announcements, new products, events, and education & community launches by following the Vention blog and LinkedIn page.

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