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A complete list of our Q2 2023 product updates

July 05, 2023 | Quinn Harker

As we enter the second half of 2023, we are taking a moment to reflect on our most exciting announcements, releases, and events from Q2 2023. This quarter witnessed the launch of some of our most significant products to date, the grand opening of our new industrial automation training facility, successful trade shows, virtual events, and much more.


Montreal and Berlin Vention Experience Center Openings

In April, we celebrated the opening of the Vention Experience Center (VXC) alongside our team members, clients, partners, and industry leaders. Located in our Montreal headquarters and Berlin office, the VXC is a one-of-a-kind training and development center for visitors to experience the latest innovations in industrial automation through interactive demonstrations, trainings, and educational sessions from our team of automation and deployment experts.

The VXC is open to all automation enthusiasts, free of charge. Schedule your visit today.

Read more about the VXC opening in our blog post.

Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP)


Pendant V3

Our 3rd-generation pendant technology, Pendant V3, supports Remote Support capabilities with built-in 5 MP front and back-facing cameras, enhanced ergonomics with a removable handle, a 13.3” OLED gorilla glass touchscreen display, and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.

Read more about our latest pendant technology in our blog post.


On-demand Remote Support

In one of our biggest product releases this year, we announced the release of Remote Support, Vention’s on-demand industrial automation support solution. Made possible by our 3rd-generation pendant technology, Remote Support connects you to our Customer Success team within 10 minutes for unlimited, on-demand automation and deployment support at the click of a button. Communicate via video, voice streaming, and instant chat and screen-share your program and machine configuration for quick issue resolution.

Discover how Remote Support is changing how manufacturers receive industrial automation support in our blog post.

MachineLogic Programming Enhancements

In our recent MachineLogic updates, we have furthered the accessibility of MachineLogic with an enhanced code-free and Python programming environment. Our enhanced code-free programming environment lowers the barrier to automation through improved navigability and editing of your application. Our native Python integration allows programmers to automate their systems within the integrated Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP) environment for a seamless transition from design to automation.

Explore how these enhancements further simplify machine and robot programming in our blog post.

Path Following MachineApp

With Path Following MachineApp, our latest addition to MachineApp, you can now simplify complex paths using the combined power of custom machines and intuitive software. Utilize with multiple applications, including milling, drilling, laser engraving, and dispensing, while choosing from six compatible actuator types.

Learn how easy it is to create complex paths in our step-by-step Path Following MachineApp tutorial.



In May, Vention attended Automate, a premier American advanced manufacturing event held in Detroit. At the show, Vention revealed a newly redesigned booth and our three latest product releases: Remote Support, Pendant V3, and Path Following MachineApp. We also showcased demos of Machine Tending, Range Extender, Cobot Palletizer, and more. Vention hardware was featured in multiple partner booths.

During the three-day event, Etienne Lacroix, CEO of Vention, presented to attendees on the new era of democratized industrial automation. We also hosted our first in-person Knowledge Group featuring Josh Mayse from Mid Atlantic Machinery on automated press brake tending.

Read more about our experience at Automate in a blog post written by our booth team.


At the end of June, Vention attended Automatica, the world’s leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics in the technology hub of Munich, Germany. In addition to showcasing our latest Remote Support and Pendant V3 releases, we announced two new enhancements to MachineLogic, including improvements to our no-code user interface and the addition of native Python integration.

During the show, we hosted an in-person Knowledge Group featuring Karl Ericsson of SE Automation. He presented his successful robotic grinding application made with Vention, Universal Robots, and Schunk products.

Learn more about Automatica in our blog post.

Virtual Events

Ébénisterie Classique Knowledge Group

To kick off our series of Knowledge Groups, Ébénisterie Classique / Classic Woodwork, a high-end architectural millwork company based in Montreal, presented their Vention robotic sanding cell that is used to automate the sanding of cabinet panels. This application frees up employees to move to high-value tasks, preventing the effects of the labor shortage.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Customer Story that details the impact of the robotic sanding cell on Ébénisterie Classique’s manufacturing processes.

Viska Systems Knowledge Group

Viska Systems, a machine vision and robotics company, hosted a virtual Knowledge Group to present how to successfully implement robotic vision inspection with a solution utilizing Viska Systems, Universal Robots, and Vention products. David Moore, Viska’s CEO, spoke about the important considerations of building a system that is easy to use and quick to deploy.

Vention Automation Partners

The Vention Automation Partner (VAP) channel continued to expand in Q2, with the team adding a total of 14 more VAPs in North America and EMEA.

Read more about the VAP channel in our blog post.

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