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Vention at Automate 2024: Embracing cloud-robotics and AI for the design and deployment of robot cells

May 13, 2024 | Quinn Harker

From May 6th to 9th, 2024, Vention had the pleasure of exhibiting at Automate. Automate is the leading automation event in North America, with over 800 exhibitors representing all sectors of the industry. 

This year during the show, we launched a suite of AI-powered capabilities to the Manufacturing Automation Platform. These capabilities are designed to further enhance the ease of designing, programming, and deploying robot cells, while also equipping advanced users with more powerful programming tools. Visitors could experience these new capabilities within the five dynamic demos, showcasing the combined power of intuitive software and modular hardware. 

In addition, we hosted a challenge to test visitors’ design capabilities and welcomed one of our Vention Community Champions to the booth. Thank you to everyone who visited us, met our team, and experienced our demos. It was a pleasure to share more about Vention and the newest technologies. Continue reading for a detailed look into the booth and our experience at the show.

New software launches in cloud-robotics and AI  

This year, Vention released a new suite of AI-powered capabilities within MachineBuilder and MachineLogic. As the largest software enhancements over the past three years, these drove many visitors to our booth for the chance to experience them live. 

Read the full press release for more details. 

MachineBuilder capabilities enhanced for robot cell design

New MachineBuilder features were designed around smarter design tools, for a more intuitive design experience. Features include: 

  • Design Quickstart
  • Geometric Reasoning Engine
  • Intuitive Part Manipulation
  • Real-time Design and Part Specifications

Robotic programming capabilities pave the way for complex cloud applications

The latest version of MachineLogic aims to further empower both advanced programmers and beginners with the Python-integrated or no-code interface. With new scene-asset functionality, leverage a digital twin to seamlessly deploy a robotic cell. Features include: 

  • Point and Click Robot Programming
  • Extensible Workflows and Powerful Authoring Capabilities
  • Purpose-built Calibration App

Instantly and securely deploy robot cells from the cloud to the factory floor

With the new instant deployment functionality, transfer programs and machine configurations from a digital twin to a physical machine directly in the web browser, expediting deployment processes and facilitating a seamless redeployment process without disrupting production.

Five application demos pushing cloud-robotics further

Automate Demos

Automation Station

At this demo, visitors experienced the power of cloud robotics, designing and seeing the real digital twin in MachineBuilder, programming the sequence in MachineLogic, playing the program with the custom UI, tracking the solution’s analytics, and calling Remote Support for assistance.

Rapid Series Palletizer

This compact, scalable, and cost-effective palletizing solution features a FANUC America Corporation CRX-25 robot arm and MachineApps pallet configurator software.

Overhead 7th Axis

This simple and highly rigid overhead range extender supports the next generation of heavy-payload cobots. It features a Universal Robots UR20 robot arm and MachineLogic code-free programming software. 

7th Axis

This versatile solution extends the range of the robot arm. It features a Universal Robots UR10 robot arm and MachineLogic for Robots programming software.

Path Following Gantry

This modular and customizable solution is ideal for milling, drilling, dispensing, laser engraving, and more. Pair it with our code-free software to create unique paths in minutes; no programming expertise is required.

Vention Blue throughout Automate 

We spotted some #ventionblue throughout the trade show. Thank you to partners and industry leaders for utilizing Vention in your booths! Special shout out to IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH, Telamon Robotics, Musashi AI North America, Apera AI, Booth, Universal Robots, Mobile Industrial Robots A/S, and ELITE ROBOTS, who featured our products during the week.

Next, Vention will attend IMTS from September 9 to 14 in Chicago, Illinois! We hope to see you there. If you couldn’t attend Automate 2024 but would like to know more about our products and applications, please contact our team using the form on the left-hand side of your screen.

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