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What to Expect at Vention Demo Day 2021

September 02, 2021 | Jennifer Sewell

It’s almost time for the latest edition of Vention Demo Day (catch Demo Day 2020 if you missed it). This is our annual event where we launch all the products we’ve been developing behind the scenes over the past year.

Since Demo Day 2020, we’ve expanded Vention’s manufacturing automation platform (MAP) to support full-factory automation. This year’s theme demonstrates how Vention is being used across the manufacturing floor, from material handling and assembly all the way to packaging and quality inspection. Never before has it been possible to achieve so much with a single digital platform.

This event features a diverse content lineup, including the latest software updates, hardware releases, and application announcements. And of course, we’ve kept some massive surprises under wraps to unveil along the way.

Here’s what to expect at Vention Demo Day 2021:

Demo Day 2021 MAP
Tune in at 11 AM ET to hear Etienne Lacroix, CEO, share how Vention went from a company offering ready-to-ship modular hardware to a complete manufacturing automation platform (MAP) powering some of the world’s most innovative factories.

Our mission has always been to make designing machines, robot cells, and factory design as quick and intuitive as building with lego blocks. We started by creating ready-to-ship modular hardware with much better strength and robustness than existing solutions.

But we didn’t stop there. We decided to think bigger. Much bigger.
Demo Day 2021 MAP
Next, we’ll take a closer look at the design tools that let you turn a concept into a fully-functioning design in minutes.

After connecting with hundreds of users and watching our own application engineers at work, we’ve completely overhauled the MachineBuilder user interface. The new UI is so streamlined, you can now become a power user in minutes instead of days. Tune it to find out what’s new and what’s coming.

But MachineBuilder is only one of many products available in Vention’s manufacturing automation platform. MachineLogic, Vention’s code-free programming environment, has also evolved into something significantly more powerful than a code-free cloud and edge platform for industrial automation programming. In the second segment of Demo Day 2021, the software team will dive into MachineLogic to share a number of fresh reveals.

Demo Day 2021 MachineLogic
Vention gives you the flexibility to design and automate custom solutions in a single digital environment, but some use cases are universal from one factory to the next. That’s why we’ve continued to develop a portfolio of manufacturing automation applications. With twenty applications now available on the Vention platform, factory automation has never been so easy.

Demo Day 2021 Application Lab
Follow us from the cloud to the shop floor, where Vention’s automation experts will walk you through our latest applications and the modular components that make them possible.

In the final segment, we’ll showcase how InVention, Vention’s manufacturing automation hub, is empowering users with design ideas, technical resources, problem-solving support, and more.

Demo Day 2021 Community

Catch it all on Thursday, September 23 at 11 AM ET at, where it will be streamed live.

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