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Automatica 2023: Enhancing the automation journey for European markets

July 03, 2023 | Quinn Harker

From June 27th to June 30th, 2023, Vention attended Automatica, a leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics in the technology hub of Munich, Germany. With Digitalization and AI, Sustainable Production, and the Future of Work as the topics of focus, Automatica provided a platform for exploring the transformative power of automation technologies. As an emerging player in the European markets, Vention left its mark with five impressive demos featuring Universal Robots, FANUC, and Doosan Robotics. Additionally, we unveiled new enhancements to MachineLogic, our machine and robot programming environment, and introduced Remote Support and Pendant V3 to attendees.

Automatica allowed Vention to expand the reach of its Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP) to an emerging European audience. After opening an office in Berlin two years ago, Vention continues its dedication to enhancing the automation journey for European markets through our robust hardware, out-of-the-box applications, intuitive machine and robot programming, and on-demand support when and where you need it.

“Automatica 2023 was a great industry event revealing a captivating array of new technologies. The quality of attendance was impressive, all driven by a collective pursuit to explore the latest innovations in smart automation and robotics. A resounding theme emerged throughout the show: a strong desire for integrated solutions that effortlessly combine cutting-edge advancements with user-friendly interfaces, resulting in seamless usability.” - Patrick Halde, Chief Growth Officer

Program your way with MachineLogic

Vention’s enhanced MachineLogic user interface further simplifies code-free programming. New features include:

  • Seamless communication: Built-in MQTT and HTTP capabilities enable easy interfacing with other industrial devices, creating interconnected workflows and optimizing productivity across systems.
  • Streamlined user experience: From simulation to operation, users can simulate inputs/outputs, create interactive HMIs, and program motion directly in their web browser. No lengthy setups or separate software installations are required.
  • Effortless deployment: Integrated with MachineCloud, the Visual Sequence Editor allows seamless deployment over the cloud. Say goodbye to complex hardware configurations and enjoy a swift transition from simulation to real-world operation.

Now available within MachineLogic, access native Python integration to write code, simulate programs in-browser, and seamlessly deploy to machines without tedious import statements and initialization steps. New features include:

  • Streamlined automated equipment management: Benefit from pre-built classes for efficient control of machine actions, along with automatic header generation for quick program initialization and machine configuration.
  • Enhanced programming experience: Program your application using well-known and documented Python syntax, but with the addition of auto-completion and access to documentation and examples for an enhanced programming experience.
  • Connectivity and simulation: Communicate with external devices using MTTQ or HTTP protocols and leverage machine simulation directly within the web browser for testing and visualization purposes.

Remote Support & Pendant V3

We introduced Remote Support, supported by our third-generation pendant technology, to our European market at Automatica 2023. This is our solution to decrease unplanned downtime on your factory floor and increase overall productivity. Attendees got to make their own Remote Support calls through our newest pendant, seeing how easy it is to connect with the support you need when needed. Featuring the following capabilities:

  • Unparalleled accessibility and convenience: Through Vention’s pendant, get access to on-demand troubleshooting and issue resolution, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.
  • Expertise at your fingertips: With custom technical support just a call away, gain confidence in your machine deployment and operation, knowing you have a reliable support team available when needed.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Vention’s Remote Support goes beyond just troubleshooting by assisting you in resolving issues on the spot. By leveraging screen-sharing capabilities, you can grant our experts a comprehensive view of your machine configurations and programs.

*Pendant V3 is required to access Remote Support. Remote Support is a subscription-based service and is offered from Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM ET / CET. For more information about pricing, visit our subscription page.

Five demos to showcase innovation

  1. Vention’s 2-axis system featuring MachineLogic’s new Visual Sequence Editor and Python programming.
    MachineLogic streamlines programming for users of all levels. Our recent updates offer an enhanced code-free environment and seamless native Python integration, catering to both programming beginners and experts. Automate with streamlined navigation and editing, and smoothly transition from design to automation using the integrated Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP).

  2. Vention’s Cobot Palletizer with a Universal Robots UR10e
    Vention offers modular and cost-effective cobot palletizers designed to handle a diverse range of products. These palletizers are available in both one- and two-pallet configurations, providing flexibility to suit your needs. Additionally, they come with a range of options for infeed conveyors, end-of-arm tooling, safety features, and box erecting capabilities.

  3. Vention’s Telescopic Lift Column with the new FANUC CRX20 and a custom Vention gripper
    Vention’s telescopic lift column is a ready-to-deploy application that connects seamlessly to the MachineMotion controller using a single cable to extend the reach of your cobot. It simplifies the integration process by minimizing programming singularities and joint stress. This product is even capable of supporting heavy payload cobots such as FANUC CRX-25ia, Doosan H2515, and Universal Robots UR20, solidifying its position as the most powerful telescopic lift column in the market.

  4. Vention’s Universal Robots UR10e Range Extender featuring our Remote Support capabilities
    Attendees discovered Vention’s plug & play 7th axis, a safe and seamless solution to extend their cobot’s reach. The rail system offers customization with four types of linear actuators and four design configurations. Equipped with the user-friendly MachineMotion V2 controller, it enables intuitive and code-free deployment. Attendees also experienced firsthand the simplicity of making their own Remote Support calls, ensuring easy access to necessary support whenever required.

  5. Vention’s Machine Tending Cart with Doosan M1013 cobot with a Schunk 2-finger electric gripper
    Vention’s robotic machine tending stations are modular and easily customizable solutions to automate CNC operations. Available in drawer or tray configurations and compatible with various accessories, they can provide up to a full day of machine autonomy. Within Vention’s modular part library, users can pick a robot mounting plate from over 15 robot brands.

#VentionBlue throughout Automatica


We spotted some #ventionblue throughout the trade show. Thank you to partners and industry leaders for utilizing Vention in your booths! Special shout out to Creaform, Elite Robots, Cambrian, Apera AI, and more, who featured our products during the week.

Next, Vention will attend PACK EXPO in Las Vegas and FABTECH in Chicago from September 11-13, 2023. Hope to see you there!

If you could not attend Automatica 2023 but would like to know more about our products and services, please contact us at

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