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Vention at Automate 2023: Empowering automation through user experience

May 29, 2023 | Quinn Harker

This past week, Vention attended Automate, a premier American advanced manufacturing event held in Detroit from May 22nd to 25th, 2023. With our largest booth to date, featuring six captivating demonstrations and the unveiling of three new products, we proudly showcased the remarkable capabilities of our Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP). By harnessing the integrated power of modular hardware and user-friendly software, MAP empowers manufacturers to automate their processes with unparalleled efficiency, enabling them to achieve three times faster automation and reduce costs by up to 40%.

At Automate 2023, Vention placed a special emphasis on providing simple automation solutions tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized manufacturers. Our objective was to inspire these businesses by demonstrating solutions that don’t require advanced expertise to deploy. Throughout the event, we engaged in thousands of conversations, leaving a lasting impact on us and fostering an ignited enthusiasm for industrial automation’s pivotal role in driving productivity and operational efficiency. This enthusiasm was particularly evident among small to medium-sized manufacturers who recognized the immense potential of automation to transform their own operations.

“We were pleased to meet with many manufacturers who have utilized Vention solutions on their current factory floors, but for many, Automate was their first time being exposed to Vention. After talking with our team, these manufacturers were impressed to learn that we offer a one-stop-shop solution for all their automation needs. It is always exciting to see the surprise on manufacturers’ faces when we tell them that all their industrial automation needs can be met within the Manufacturing Automation Platform.”
- Sophie Ducharme, Brand and Channel Marketing Manager.

Three New Product Releases
Pendant V3

We revealed our third-generation pendant technology at Automate. Attendees were able to hold our newest pendant and experience all the latest enhancements through live demos.

With Pendant V3, manufacturers benefit from:

  • Built-in, front and back-facing cameras,
  • Video and voice streaming,
  • Chat functionality,
  • HMI screen sharing,
  • Wi-Fi connectivity,
  • Powerful 13-inch touchscreen display

Remote Support

Automate attendees got to experience Remote Support, our solution to decrease unplanned downtime on your factory floor. Attendees got to make their own Remote Support calls, seeing just how easy it is to connect with the support you need when you need it.

With Remote Support, experience the following features:

  • On-demand troubleshooting & issue resolution,
  • Connect with an expert in under 10 minutes,
  • Video call, talk, or chat in real-time through Pendant V3,
  • Screen-sharing to implement instant improvement.

Path Following MachineApp

Demonstrated on our 3-axis gantry, we showcased our newest addition to MachineApps which shows just how easy it is to upload your path, press play, and see it in action.

With Path Following MachineApp, manufacturers can:

  • Create precise path patterns using your desired CAM software,
  • Upload your G-code directly to your MachineMotion,
  • Use your digital twin to simulate prior to deployment,
  • Utilize with multiple applications, including milling, drilling, laser engraving, and dispensing,
  • Choose from six compatible actuator types.

For the full press release detailing our new launches:

Six Demos to Showcase Innovation
  1. Vention’s 2-axis system featuring MachineCloud
    Through the combined power of Vention’s hardware and software, this demo showcased the modularity of our hardware components by creating a self-contained demo inspection station. Pairing it with MachineCloud, our software-assisted deployment solution, users are able to see for themselves the ease at which they can self-deploy and operate their automated equipment.

  2. Vention’s telescopic lift column with a Doosan cobot palletizer
    Using our newest addition to our line of linear actuation, the telescopic lift column, we demonstrated how Vention is able to create customizable cobot palletizing cells that can stack pallets up to 2m high. With guaranteed specifications, fast and easy deployment, and factory floor operation with MachineApps, stacking pallets is easier than ever. 

  3. Vention’s box erector with a Doosan M1013
    One of the newest additions to Vention’s line of applications is our customizable box erecting solution. Pairing our modular hardware, a Doosan M1013, and a user-friendly application, we are able to provide a fully automated case erecting cell; perfect for most end-of-line packaging operations.

  4. Vention’s MachineLogic low-code environment with Universal Robots range extender 
    Expanding on our tried and true cobot range extenders, Vention demonstrated how you can now program your collaborative robot in the cloud using our robot-agnostic programming tool: MachineLogic for Robots. Create programs in minutes and validate them prior to deployment using a digital twin.

  5. Vention’s machine tending cart with FANUC CRX10ia
    Our mobile machine tending cart featuring an adjustable tray system allows manufacturing floors to accommodate current and future tending needs. Designed to fit a wide range of collaborative robots with accommodations locating features and lockable casters, this makes for an ideal choice for high-mix tending solutions.

  6. Vention’s 3-axis path-following system
    Another great showcase of modular automation hardware, Vention is able to provide reliable, repeatable, and accurate customized multi-axis systems. When paired with our newly released Path Following MachineApp, users can create their own, milling, drilling, dispensing, and laser engraving cells, all in one environment.

Vention Blue Throughout Automate

We spotted some #ventionblue throughout the trade show. Thank you to partners and industry leaders for utilizing Vention in your booths! Special shout out to Kinova, Universal Robots, Vooban, Creaform, DENSO Robotics, Apera AI, Lincode, SICK Sensor Intelligence, Mitsubishi Corporation, and Plus One Robotics who featured our products during the week.

If you could not attend Automate 2023 but would like to know more about our products and services, please contact us at

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