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The Vention Experience Center: What to expect in 2024

January 29, 2024 | Jeremy Andrews


In April of 2023, we officially opened the doors to the Vention Experience Center (VXC). With locations in Montreal and Berlin, the Vention Experience Center is a one-of-a-kind training and development center for visitors to experience the latest innovations in industrial automation.

Aligned with Vention’s mission to democratize industrial automation, this center aims to make automation more accessible to all manufacturers through interactive demonstrations, trainings, and educational sessions from our team of automation and deployment experts. Within one space, individuals of all levels can experience the full reach of the Manufacturing Automation Platform and leave with the skills and knowledge to design, automate, deploy, and operate automated solutions themselves.

The VXC is open to all industrial automation practitioners, free of charge. Bookings for 2024 are now open: Schedule your visit today.

“The Vention Experience Center is reinforcing our commitment to the future of industrial automation,” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Co-Founder of Vention. “We wanted to create an environment where manufacturers can see, touch, and try out the latest technology—gaining valuable skills that they can then take and apply to their own manufacturing floors.”

A look back at 2023 and what to expect in 2024


In 2023, we welcomed over 350 visitors from around the world to our Montreal and Berlin experience centers. Visitors ranged from small businesses just starting out with automation to leading enterprises with decades of experience. The industries encompassed an array of sectors, including automotive, food & beverage, high-end woodworking, aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical, education, government, and more. 

The VXC also welcomed students from Canadian universities and technical schools. These schools visited for automation training and development, aiming to advance the knowledge of their students through real-world experiences. 

Displaying the latest and greatest automation innovations


The available demos in the VXC vary to display our newest automation solutions. In 2023, we displayed a range of demos, featuring both our hardware and software solutions: 

With the new year comes new innovations! In 2024, we will be retiring some demos and adding the following:

In-depth trainings to upskill your team


The VXC is designed around you and your needs. While we offer some standard trainings, our teams also conduct many custom trainings on the specific software or hardware you want to learn more about. 

Explore our trainings:

  • 1- or 2-day MAP training 
  • Process-specific training 
    • In-depth training on any step of the automation process, from assembly and wiring to programming, deployment, and operation
  • Custom training
    • You let us know what you want to learn about—we’ll tailor the training to your needs!
  • New in 2024: Open-door virtual training sessions on a specific application. Each week the application will vary, anyone is welcome to attend these virtual sessions, free of charge!

Validation prior to purchasing

Beyond training and development, the VXC gives you the opportunity to validate an application prior to purchasing. Get hands-on experience, see it working in real-time, and learn the ins and outs of the machine from our team of experts. That way, when the solution arrives on your manufacturing floor, you know exactly what to do for a successful implementation. We like to build long-lasting, trusted relationships with our clients, and oftentimes the best way to do that is with a visit to the VXC. 

Book a visit to the Vention Experience Center!

There is no better time than now to advance you and your team’s manufacturing and automation knowledge. Come visit us at either our Montreal or Berlin-based experience centers. Can’t attend in person? All visits can be accommodated remotely as well. 

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