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URCap for MachineMotion

URCap for MachineMotion

$1,839.23 USD
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Vention’s URCap for MachineMotion enables code-free, simplified deployment of entire robot cells by providing a plug & play integration of a UR arm with Vention’s entire automation ecosystem. Easily add components such as conveyors, pneumatics, linear axes, rotary axes, sensors, and more. The URCap provides built-in Vention functions directly from the UR Polyscope interface for commands such as homing, relative/absolute moves, IO triggers, and the option for sending moves to the robot and external axes either sequentially or in parallel (simultaneous but not synchronized). This version is compatible with MachineMotion V2.
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General Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Part Number CE-SW-002-0003
Unit Price $1,839.23 USD
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