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OnRobot Tool Flange Connection for FANUC CRX

OnRobot Tool Flange Connection for FANUC CRX

$89.00 USD
Ships in 5 days
This tool flange connection will allow you to use OnRobot's end-of-arm tools directly through the tool I/O of the robot. Compatible with Fanuc's CRX-10ia and CRX-10ia/L. This simplified kit includes a USB stick and a tool flange cable, and is only compatible with the following OnRobot grippers: RG2, RG6, VG10, VGC10, 3FG15, 2FG7, SG and MG10. If you want to use a different OnRobot gripper, a force torque sensor or the dual quick changer, you will need a compute box which is only included in OnRobot's robot kits.
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General Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Part Number ST-RB-028-0011
Weight 0.13 kg
Unit Price $89.00 USD
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