FANUC SCARA robots are ideally suited to robotic assembly, robotic pick and place, inspection and robotic packaging applications. The SR-3iA is a small-size SCARA by Fanuc in their SR series with a payload of 3kg and reach of 400mm.

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General Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Part Number PR-FA-103-0000
Weight 19.0 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 332.0 x 140.0 x 571.3 mm
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Spec Attribute Spec Value
Reach 400 mm
Repeatability J1, J2, J3: 0.01mm J4: 0.004 mm
Max Payload 3 kg
Robot Weight 19 kg
Degrees of Freedom 4
Typical Average Power Consumption 250 W


Spec Attribute Spec Value
J1 Movement Range 284 degrees
J2 Movement Range 290 degrees
J3 Movement Range 200 mm
J4 Movement Range 1440 degrees
Max Linear Speed J3: 1800 mm/s
Max Rotational Speed J4: 3000 degrees/s


Spec Attribute Spec Value
Robot IP Rating 20
Controller IP Rating 20
Warranty 12 Months


Spec Attribute Spec Value
Controller Power Source 200-240Va.c. 50/60Hz Single phase
Controller Dimensions 440 mm x 260 mm x 88.6 mm
Controller Digital Ports 12 in, 12 out
Robot to Controller Cable Length 1.5 m
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