45x45mm (855mm) Light Aluminum Extrusion
45x45mm (855mm) Light Aluminum Extrusion
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LD Light Duty Part
Vention’s 45x45 light-duty extrusions provide a best-in-class balance between structural rigidity, straightness, precision, and a very lightweight profile. Vention’s unique “V-shape” interface has been specially designed to work with Vention’s high-precision assembly plates, enabling rigid and high-precision assemblies that cannot typically be done with aluminum extrusions. “V-shape” interfaces can also be used as a rail when combined with Vention’s linear motion components. All of Vention extrusions come in Vention’s distinctive blue color, suitable for 3D scanner and photometry applications. Extrusions are precision cut in increment of 45mm. They are ready to be assembled with no-subsequent manufacturing required.
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