Force/Torque Sensor for UR - 6 Axis
Force/Torque Sensor for UR - 6 Axis
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The NRS-6 Force/Torque Sensor kit for UR has a maximum payload of 50 kg and includes an ethernet gateway, mounting flanges and URCap for a real plug and play experience. The high stiffness, durable and accurate multi-axis force torque sensor design is suitable for demanding force-sensitive applications such as grinding, polishing, object weighing, and velocity adjustment based on payload. What is in the UR kit with ref. number NRS-6050-D80-UR 1x NRS-6050-D80 6-axis force/torque sensor 1x USB flash drive with software & documentation 1x NRC-ETH communication box (ethernet gateway) Cabling Mounting flanges
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