Pneumatic Motor - 0.40 hp
Pneumatic Motor - 0.40 hp
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The 725MX motor has up to 0.40 hp to maintain your cutting tools's high rotational speed at 50,000 rpm. It does not get hot or vibrate and air cools the sealed grease packed bearings. The result is durability in 24/7 operation with no maintenance and no control system. Shank of 1/4''. Air consumption at idle: 6 cfm. Air consumption at working flow: 10 cfm. Sound level: less than 78 dBA. The operator must use 90 PSI/ 6.2BAR totally oil-free, clean dry air with the .3 micron Filter Extractor included to prevent contamination getting inside the unit. Do not use hoses, fitting or couplings less than 6.5 mm internal diameter for the 725MX. Use the On/Off Pneumatic Valve (Normally Closed) to control this unit.
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