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Fanuc Medium Payload Fixed Cobot Palletizer - With Infeed [Turnkey]

Ready to Operate

Fanuc Medium Payload Fixed Cobot Palletizer - With Infeed [Turnkey]

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$136,709.10 USD
This Vention robotic palletizing solution is a simple and cost-effective design featuring a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L on a t-slot aluminum structure, covering minimal space, and optimizing your end of line packaging automation. It is designed for 2 pallets to be docked at each side of the robot’s fixed pedestal and it includes a conveyor infeed, the MachineApps palletizing software, and a control interface. (Config: CP- FCRX10-F8-DP-BS-NS-CR-NM-M1-D1)

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Technical Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Design number PZ-CB-257671 v15
Weight 311.6 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4271 x 3105 x 1642 mm
Unit price $136,709.10 USD
Use case Packaging
Application Cobot Palletizer
Assembly time 11:00

Ready to Operate Support Bundle

2023 Cobot Palletizer - Fixed Height & Fenceless & Slip Sheets - Full Deployment

Full Deployment Bundles provide end-to-end deployment support for select Vention applications.

The bundle for Fixed Height Cobot Palletizers includes:

  • Design validation & customization
  • Pre-assembly & Factory Acceptance Test
  • Site Acceptance Test & commissioning.

This ensures the delivery of a functional palletizer that performs according to the requirements defined in a project scope, from gripper validation to palletizing rate to operator functionality.